12/5/2020 Ken Frankenbery Hilly 100 Bike Ride Brooksville, Florida


Hilly !00 Bike Ride

Brooksville, Florida

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  5:36:54

Event Recap By Ken Frankenbery:

Brooksville Florida “Hilly 100” Bike Ride
It’s been several years since I did a big bike ride. The 100 is sponsored by a great Local Bike shop.  Pat & Mark from Crank Works Bikes who use the event for a local children’s charity. They really worked hard to make it a awesome event, and raised some significant funds for the charity- first class people.
It was frightening/ exhilarating/ and a great time. There were over 200 riders.  Many top teams from all over Florida were there.  The loop course had close to 5000 feet of elevation gain, stringing together some serious rolling hills (Yes there are hills in Florida !) . Weather was perfect- 60 degree’s & sunny.
I worked with a group of 50+ riders for the first 25 miles, had a team (VDB -all matching kits) of over 30 riders go buy us like we were standing still. I was averaging 23 MPH when they passed, they had to be going 30+ MPH.
Once the bigger hills hit, along with people stopping for water/bathroom breaks, things broke apart. I had Karen meet me at ½ way point with refills/fuel so I could make a fast pit stop & shed some clothing as it warmed up.  I got ahead of many groups ( who had to take longer pit stops ) , and worked with a few groups for most of day, with some solo riding added in.
I ended up averaging just under 18 MPH, finishing in just over 5 & ½ hours- a solid day!   I was able to squeak out an 11 mile run the next morning, so being able to run after a long and hard bike ride is a great plus.  I am so lucky to be able to train in Florida!