Frostbite 5K Prediction Run

February 4th 2017
Munroe Falls Metro Park
Munroe Falls, Ohio

Finish time 23:24
Predicted time 23:58
Seconds off predicted time 34

Finish place 35 out of 97
Once again this race presented by the Summit Athletic Running Club lived up to its namesake. The temperature at the start of the race was 14 degrees. Little to no wind and lots of sunshine made up for the cold temperatures. This is a unique running event where runners win by finishing closest to their predicted finish times. Speed has nothing to do with winning. The course is 2 laps around the Munroe Fall Metro Park lake all on the service roads. It is a nice scenic run with some small rolling hills and flats. Nothing to extreme but enough elevation change to make things interesting. This was my third year competing in this event For the second year in a row I was faster than my predicted time. I believe I was the 8th overall runner to finish. I am perfectly fine being faster than I am predictable. All participants received blue and red candy striped arm warmers that Where’s Waldo and Dr. Seuss would really appreciate. The arm warmers were nice quality but I would have personally preferred a more neutral color. Every runner received a prize from the “Prize Table” that mostly included race incentives from previous Summit Athletic Running Club events. There was plenty of food and hot chocolate after the race to keep everyone warm while results were calculated. Participation was a little lower than the last 2 years. Hopefully next year’s race will be bigger and better than ever!.