2/3/2018 Cody and Scott Frostbite 5K Prediction Race Munroe Falls, OH

Frostbite 5K Prediction Race


Munroe Falls, OH

Cody Stockert

Predicted time 26:30

Actual finish time 23:08

Prediction finish 93/105

2nd overall fastest female finish time

10th overall fastest finish time

Scott Orlando

Predicted time 23:50

Actual finish time 24:00

Prediction finish 14/105

15th overall fastest finish time

Race Review

This was my 4th time competing in the Summit Athletic Runners Club annual Frostbite 5K Prediction Race.  Once again the race lived up to it’s namesake with temperatures hovering in single digits.  This year’s race saw a little over 100 runners braving the cold as they tried to predict their finish time of the 2 lap course around Munroe Falls Park.  Although it was cold, race conditions weren’t that bad.  The road was mostly clear of ice and snow except for a few spots and the wind was manageable making for a nice scenic run around the lake.   The calf injury I have been dealing with kept me from really pushing my pace.  My left calf tightened up late in the first mile and I wasn’t sure if I would even finish.  Luckily it held and I was able to complete the course.  Cody attacked the course from the first hill and never looked back.  Although she was no where close to her prediction she ran a really great 5K time being the 2nd female and 10th overall to cross the finish.  Sometimes it’s better to be fast than predictable.  In the past I have been a little critical of this race but I must say that Summit Athletic Runners Club really did an outstanding job this year!  Each participant received a 1/4 tech shirt and a finisher medal.  There were more than enough prizes so everyone received one.  Ritchie’s Sporting Goods donated gift cards for the top 10 predicted time winners.  SARC did a great job tallying the results and presenting the awards quickly and accurately.  Well done SARC!