7/22/2018 Scott Orlando Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Triathlon Fairport Harbor, OH


Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Triathlon and Paddle Triathlon

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  DNF

Race review by Scott Orlando

The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Triathlon is one of my favorite races of the year.  Typically I finish in the top 5-6 racers overall and 1-3 in my age division so I was really looking forward to competing for a top spot.  The race conditions were poor with 15 mph winds, steady rain, and temps in the low 60’s.  The water conditions in Lake Erie were very bad for kayaks and swimmers alike.   Just prior to the race water conditions looked fair but quickly got worse in the minutes leading up to the start.  I made the decision to use my 19 foot surf ski which is very fast but also a lot more unstable than a standard kayak.  Ultimately this decision cost me the race.  A few other top races chose to go with slower, shorter, more stable, kayaks.  I felt confident in my paddling skills that I could handle the surf ski in the waves.  What I failed to consider was launching the long surf ski in the increasingly high and strong surf.  This was a skill I have not practiced and did not know I would need.  A lot of racers struggled to launch their boats but no one as much as I did because of the length of the boat.  Once I finally controlled the boat enough to mount it I paddled out near the first buoy beyond the strong surf before pulling my feet in and dropping the rudder.  When I attempted to drop the rudder I quickly realized that the strong surf had pulled the rudder completely off of my boat.  It was basically dragging in the water like a small anchor.   I tried my best to paddle but I was basically dead in the water.   The side swells quickly grew to 3-5 feet.  The safety officials made the correct decision and removed me from the water.  My race was over before it even started.  I made a huge strategic error and it cost me the race.  The officials allowed me to complete the bike and run courses which I did but I was a DNF.  My first of my racing career.  The bike course proved to be just as dangerous for several riders that crashed in the rain.  I had no problems on the flat course.  Knowing I was out of the race I just tried to enjoy the bike and run legs.  It was a humbling experience to say the least but I learned a valuable lesson not to put speed over safety.  I will be back next year and will be sure to not make the same mistake I did this year.

7/21/2018 Gretchen Snyder Jim Klett Memorial 10K Munroe Falls, OH


Jim Klett Memorial 10K

Munroe Falls, OH

Gretchen Snyder

Finish Time:  55:37

Overall Place:  57th

Division Place:  2nd Place

Race Recap By Gretchen Snyder.

The hilly course ran through woods, over bridges, gravel and grass. Age group
prizes were a watermelon for first place, a half dozen ears of corn from Szalay’s for
second place, and a cantaloupe for third place.

Ritchie’s Sporting Good’s was a major sponsor as well.

For this being a free race, the race was put together and planned really well. The course was well marked through the trails and woods. My only suggestion would be to add a water stop earlier in the race at mile 2 or 3.

7/7/2018 Matt Addessi Ole’ School House Initiative Time Trial West Salem, OH


Ole’ School House Initiative Time Trial

40K Bike Time Trial

West Salem, OH

Matt Addessi

Finish Time:  57:48

Overall Finish:  4th Place

Division Place: 1st Place

Race Recap from Matt Addessi

Pretty happy with my longer race effort.  Race conditions were tough with a crossing headwind on the way out and a slight tail wind on the way back.   I was blown all over the road both ways but handled it pretty well.  I came off the aero bars a few times for some extra control in the windier spots but all in all I am pretty happy with my result.   This race was great prep for the State Championships in August as it’s on the same course, so I know where I can burn the matches and put in a better time.

I averaged 25.8 mph over 25 miles with 800’ of elevation change with a finish time of 57:48.

 I have more in me and truly believe I can break 56min.  I can go faster!

6/30/2018 Scott Orlando Great Island Adventure Triathlon Lock Haven, PA


Great Island Adventure Triathlon

Lock Haven, PA

Finish Time:  1:53:07

Division Place:  2nd Place

Overall Place:  9th Place

Race Review By Scott Orlando

This was my 5th time competing in the Great Island Adventure Triathlon in Lock Haven, PA.  The race consists of a 5K kayak, 25K bike, and 5K run.  This was my first solo triathlon in over a year thanks to a strained calf that limited me to just triathlon relays in 2017.  Race conditions were less than ideal with temperatures in the 90’s.  The race field was much smaller than years past.  I am not sure if that was due to to extreme heat or other factors.  The participants that did show up were experienced fast racers up for the challenge of the course.  I started off slow and a little behind in the kayak leg.  This race always brings out top national and regional paddling champions.  I managed to catch up and pass a few kayaks in the back half of the paddle but lost the time when I pulled my kayak into the boat launch only to find out that the takeout point was 50 yards downstream.  The heat and lack of confidence in my calf kept me fairly conservative on the bike leg trying to reserve energy and effort for the run.  My run went much better than the other race legs.  My hydration strategy kept me ready and energized.  While other racers were cramping and walking I kicked it into gear and made up a lot of time passing several people.  I managed the 3rd fastest run split behind the top 2 overall finishers.   All participants received long sleeve tech shirts and a finisher mug or pint glass.  This race is always well organized and a lot of fun.  I am happy to report that my calf held up and I am sure it will give me confidence going into my next triathlon.