3/2/2019 Ken Frankenbery Road Apple Roubaix Garrettsville, Ohio


Road Apple Roubaix 15 mile, 25 mile, and 40 mile bike event

Garrettsville, Ohio

Ken Frankenbery

40 mile bike

Finish Time:  2:35:00

Race recap by Ken Frankenbery

I did this ride last year, and loved the mix.  Paved roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, bike path, and lots of climbing through Amish country which makes for a really unique ride.

This year’s conditions were almost ideal.  35 degree’s and cloudy kept the dirt semi frozen, roads fast, and no snow.

The bike ride starts in downtown Garrettsville with a police escort out of town.

This year had over 300 riders, and I finished in 2:35, 17 minutes faster than last year.