5/4/2019 Scott Orlando Sweat Now Wine Later Gervasi Vineyard Canton, Ohio


Sweat Now Wine Later.

2 mile kayak and 2.5 mile run race

Gervasi Vineyard Canton, Ohio

Finish Time:  32:35

Overall Place:  1st Place / 383

Race recap by Scott Orlando.

I look forward to this race every year because it includes 3 of my favorite things:  kayaking, running and wine.  Last year I finished 2nd overall using a kayak paddle with a backward facing blade.  This year my goal was to run a clean race and win.  Not running for three weeks leading up to the race due to a metatarsal injury I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to compete.  Warming up my foot felt fine so I decided to go for it.  The race starts with a quick run to the creek where a randomly selected kayak and paddle are waiting for you.  I believe I hopped into one of the heaviest and oldest kayaks being used and was given what was definitely the heaviest paddle I have ever used.  I knew I would have to rely on all of my kayaking skills and experience to paddle a fast kayak leg if I wanted to give myself a chance at winning.  The creek was a little faster then last year but still had some shallow spots.  I hit bottom a few times and had to push off using my hands.  Reading the creek was essential for a fast kayak leg.  Missing your line surely meant lost time being stuck on rocks.  I had a clean fast transition to the run.  I quickly felt the results of not running for 3 weeks!  My foot felt fine but I was really sucking wind trying to maintain a race pace.  As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t get to a typical race pace.  Crossing the midpoint of the run passing the kayak start area I heard the race organizer over the PA call my name as I made it down the trail.  He announced ” Folks take a look at the running trail and you will see Scott Orlando.  He is one of the best on the course and is likely to be in the top five.”  This gave me a boost of energy and made me push even harder.  I finished the run as best I could hoping it would be fast enough.  I was surprised that my finish time was 3 minutes faster then last year.  I knew I had beaten last year’s winning time but I didn’t know if would be fast enough to win.  The race is done in heats starting at 9:00 am with the last heat starting at 1:30 pm.  It wasn’t until early evening that results were finalized and I found out I was the winner.  Steve, Lisa, and everyone at Run Canton once again did an amazing job organizing the event.  Everyone received nice tech shirts, custom wine stopper finisher medals and a $10 voucher for food or beverages at Gervasi.


5/4/2019 Matt Addessi Races At The Lake Race # 3 Munroe Falls, Ohio


Races At The Lakes Race #3

Bike Race

Munroe Falls, Ohio

Matt Addessi

Finish Place:  7 / 30

Race recap by Matt Addessi.

I made a last minute decision the night before to race RATL #3

I had a much better outcome today, finishing 7 out of 30!  I was way more patient this time.  I did my turn on the front but then stayed with the peloton.   It was definitely a much faster paced race which plays into my strengths perfectly.  I was 15th wheel with about 200 meters to go.  It’s really hard to stay patient in these races.  I got boxed in but squeezed through a small opening and followed the right wheel.  With about 100 meters to go I opened it up and past about 8 guys with my sprint.  I was actually surprised that I had a sprint with some power at the end!   Again, insanely fun, crazy fast, and everyone stayed safe.

Racing again next weekend at the last RATL Race #4  then it’s onto a TT focus.

5/4/2019 Michael Homula Duke Melee 5K Alliance, Ohio


Duke Melee 5K

Alliance, Ohio

Michael Homula

Finish Time 21:23

Overall Place:  6/130

Division Place:  3rd Place

Race recap by Michael Homula

I ran the Ohio Challenge Series Duke Melee 5k at Marlington High School Saturday.  Temperature and weather conditions were ideal for a run. The course was quite a bit more “hilly” than advertised but a nice out and back layout.

I lost several training runs in recent weeks due to a sore hamstring and just every day life/family responsibilities so I was not prepared to throw down the hammer in this race.

I ended up with a time of 21:23 (6:53 per mile pace), finished 6th overall, and 3rd in the 40-49 age group. Yes, there were some fast old dudes in this race.

As always, I am grateful to run as part of Ohio Team-ER and our outstanding group of sponsors.