6/22/2019 Scott Orlando Blazing Paddles Paddle Race Cleveland, Ohio


Blazing Paddles Paddle Race

2 mile, 5.7, mile, and 12.9 mile SUP, Kayak, and Canoe Races

Cleveland, Ohio

Scott Orlando

5.7 Mile Kayak Race  (Fast Sea Kayak Division)

Finish Time:  53:16

Overall Place:  6th Place

Division Place:  1st Place.


Race Recap by Scott Orlando

This was the second year for the Blazing Paddles race and the first year that it was open to kayaks and canoes.  The race was actually a series of 3 races.  A 2 mile race, 5.7 mile race and 12.9 mile race were all offered.  Each race had separate divisions for all of the different shapes and sizes of paddle boards and boats.   The race itself was amazing!  I believe there were over 300 boats and boards on the water.  Having the opportunity to paddle the Cuyahoga River Flats with restricted power boat traffic was something special.  I competed in the out and back 5.7 mile race.  The race began with some choppy water created by the mass start but smoothed out as the race field spread out across the river.  Not knowing a lot about that part of the river I chose to compete in my Stellar S16 Multisport.  This kayak gave me the stability I needed at the start.  I felt very strong and pushed hard to keep pace with the front of the race field.  The first half of the race was up stream and then it was around a buoy to finish the second half down stream.  There wasn’t much current in either direction in the deep channel of the river.  I was surprised when I made the turn to see how many faster longer boats I was in front of which motivated me to really dig in and paddle hard.  The best part of the race by far was paddling under the giant water arc created by the docked fire boat cannon.  I am hoping someone took photos of all the boats passing underneath with the Cleveland skyline in view.  I passed a few paddle boards in the second half of the race but kept my position to the other kayaks and held them off for a very strong finish.  I was very pleased with my performance having beat some longer faster boats and a few people I have never beaten in any race.  Unfortunately due to some timing issues I was not included in the awards ceremony.  I reported the issue to the race directors.  It took a day or two, but they were able to correct the issue and add me to the results placing me 6th overall and 1st in my race class.  Although there were some logistics issues with the pre and post race, it was a wonderful event.  I believe most of the issues occurred due to the explosion of last minute race registrations.  Please do your race organizers a favor and register for events early when possible giving them better opportunity and time to prepare.  I am sure any issues will be worked out for next year’s race.  The race celebrated and raised funds for the Share The River group to help the continued return of the Cuyahoga River.

6/2/2019 Ken Frankebery and Scott Orlando Twinsburg Duathlon Twinsburg, Ohio


Twinsburg Duathlon

2 Mile Run, 10 Mile Bike, And 2 Mile Run

Twinsburg, Ohio

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  1:03:56

Overall Place:  11th

Division Place:  1st Place

Scott Orlando

Finish Time 1:07:42

Overall Place:  22nd

Division Place: 2nd Place

Race Recap by Ken Frankenbery

All night rain had me expecting a wet, cold race, but at 6 am, sun came out, sky cleared and it was a tolerable 61 degrees. Roads were wet, a little slippery on corners, but not bad. Race went well, finished 11th Overall out of about 75, 1st in Age group. A well-run, organized event with great food after.

Race Recap by Scott Orlando:

The weather was threatening cold temps and rain but North Coast MultiSports race Director Mickey Rzymek must have made a deal with Mother Nature because race conditions were near ideal.  Every event North Coast Multisports is involved with is always top notch!  The singing of the national anthem and honoring veterans pre race are traditions well worth continuing.  One top competitor even made the comment that the post race snacks were far better then any Ironman he has ever done.  The race itself was as challenging as ever with rolling hills on the run and bike course.  This year’s race saw 22 first time competitors, 13 relay teams and of course many fast top area athletes.  I was definitely impressed with the amount of senior athletes competing.  Seeing 60 and 70 + athletes out their is always inspiring.  I personally was happy with my run times only losing 10 seconds per mile between my first run and second run.  My first transition was faster and smooth.  My second transition back to the running shoes was a little slower then I would have liked but I quickly got my running legs back and was surprised that the first mile of the second run was actually my fastest mile split of the race.  My bike time was a little slower then I would have liked but I wasn’t surprised as I haven’t been able to train on the bike as much as I would normally like to due to an injury and lots of rainy days.  I was shocked that I took second in my age division.  This race has 10 year age divisions and I was certainly the oldest in my division.  It just goes to show you that you always focus on your own race and journey.  You don’t worry about what others are doing.  You challenge yourself to do the best you can personally do at each race and good things will happen.  It was satisfying to walk the famed North Coast Multisports red carpet and receive the customary bobble head trophy before standing on the podium.  Ken Frankebery left no doubt that he hasn’t slowed down finishing 11th overall and winning the 60 – 69 age division.