2/8/2020 Mike Williams, Mike Pastva, and Scott Orlando Frostbite 5K Prediction Race Munroe Falls, Ohio


Frostbite 5K Prediction Race

Munroe Falls, Ohio

Scott Orlando

Overall Place:  39th

Predicted Time:  23:55

Actual Time: 24:42

Variance:  :47

Mike Williams

Overall Place:  46th

Predicted Time:  24:00

Actual Time:  24:50

Variance:  :50

Mike Pastva

Overall Place:  119th

Predicted Time:  34:43

Actual Time:  38:17

Variance:  3:34

Race Recap by Scott Orlando

Once again the Frostbite 5K Prediction Race lived up to its name.  Race time temperatures hovered in the mid 20’s.  Fortunately there was little to no wind so running conditions were actually pretty good.  City crews were scrambled early to plow and salt the park roads just prior to the start of the race attempting to remove Ice and snow from the previous few night’s storms.  The road was a mix of dry and wet payment with plenty of long stretches of snow and ice that the plow trucks were unable to remove.  Footing became challenging in some sections of the 2 loop course particularly heading up the hillier sections of the course.  I debated pre race to go with full Yaktrax on my shoes, no traction devices, or the new Quick Trax.  Seeing that a lot of the bare road was exposed I thought the full Yaktrax would be too much so I went with the minimalist Quick Trax.  They seemed to work well and give me a little bit more traction when needed.  The first lap of the race I felt like I was running faster then my predicted time so I slowed down for the second lap.  I found that traction on the hills was much worse on the second lap probably as a result of the race traffic and salt on the roads turning ice into slush.  I probably misjudged the amount of effort I was putting out running on the soft snow and Ice along with the amount of push I was getting off the slushy mix and slowed my pace too much to finish 47 seconds off of my predicted time.  I found the run to be very enjoyable with beautiful winter scenery around every turn of the semi frozen lake.  Summit Athletic Runner’s Club did an outstanding job organizing the race.  There were mounds of prizes with more then enough for the 200 participants.  Prizes included over $1000 worth of race entries for future SARC races, The Hall of Fame Marathon and the Akron Marathon Race Series.