5/17/2020 Team ER Need For Speed Challenge


2020 Team ER Need For Speed Challenge

Team ER members had one week to complete two or more workout sessions that included some type of speed training.

This challenge could be completed using any mode of exercise and long as speed training was incorporated into the workouts.

Team ER members completing the challenge and earning 5 team points:

Christine Churpek
Ken Frankenbery
Loretta Harland
Asad Khan
Molly Menton
Roy Miller
Scott Orlando
Mike Pastva
Gretchen Snyder
Amy Stumpf
Mike Williams
Steve Zenar

5/16/2020 USA Triathlon Virtual Sprint Duathlon Scott Orlando


USA Triathlon Virtual Sprint Duathlon

5K Run, 20K Bike and 2.5K Run

Overall Time 1:10:12

Overall Place:  228

5K Run Time:  23:34

5K Run Place:  332

20K Bike Time:  35:55

20K Bike Place:  377

2.5K Run Time:  10:43

2.5K Run Place:  144

Race Review By Scott Orlando

This was my first time attempting a virtual duathlon.   The rules were very liberal allowing the race to be done in a single session or broken into multiple sessions.  The race could also be completed indoors using treadmills and stationary bikes or outside.  Due to weather, time restraints and other training goals,  I chose to complete my race in three separate sessions.  I completed the two runs outside and the bike inside.  Timing was conducted automatically by syncing your GPS watch to the Fit Rankings App.  This worked very easily but I did find that it had one small glitch.  I quickly learned that Fit Rankings automatically used a training run as my 5K time for the race.  As soon as I synced the app to my GPS watched Immediately received notification that the training run I had just performed was used as my 5K race time.  There didn’t seem to be a way to change it so I just let it stand.  I completed the bike portion of the race indoors on my stationary bike.  I must say the added motivation of the race made me really work harder on the bike then I had been doing in previous training sessions.  The short 2.5K run I completed as the last leg of a 5 mile run.  After 3.4 miles of easy running I reset my watch and ran the remaining 1.55 miles at race pace.  I was pretty happy that my mile split was 6:47 and that my finish pace was 6:52 after already running 3.5 miles at a 7:55 mile pace.  Overall is was a fun experience and I did find that the race motivated and pushed me to train harder then I probably would have had I not registered for it.