6/21/2020 Team ER 110% Challenge


2020 Team ER 110% Challenge

You have heard every coach since you were a child tell you to give it a 110% and we all know that the extra effort in training is what makes the difference on race day so this week we challenged Team ER members to push themselves a little harder and give 110%!
The rules were simple, just add 10% or more  effort to the week’s training sessions.  Each Team ER member had the ability to decide what that extra 10% meant to them and how to incorporate the extra effort into their training sessions for the week.  Increased frequency, duration, and intensity strategies were all used.
Team ER members completing the challenge and earning 5 team points Include:
Jill Bidwell McCauslin
Christine Churpek
Asad Khan
Scott Orlando
Gretchen Snyder
Mike Williams
Steve Zenar