10/24/2020 Scott Orlando and Renee Buckus Race Like A Local 5K Kent, Ohio


Race Like A Local 5K

Kent, Ohio

Scott Orlando

Finish Time: 21:05

Overall Place:  16th Place

Division Place:  2nd Place

Renee Buckus

Finish Time:  28:28

Overall Place:  57th Place

Division Place:  4th Place

Race Review By Scott Orlando

This was my first time competing in the Race Like A Local 5K and the first time the event was held in Kent, Ohio.   The course was the same course used in the Kent Turkey Trot 5K.   The weather was a little damp and chilly but actually pretty good for running.   The race started in the parking lot of Fred Fuller Park with a fast downhill section leading runners to a sharp right turn onto the bike trail along the river.   I wanted to get off to a quick start and take advantage of the early fast downhill section of the course which I did.  I quickly felt like I was running in a high school cross country meet as I was surrounded by young fast runners.  Of the 15 people that finished ahead of me 9 where under 18 years of age.  I hit the first mile marker at 6:30 so I knew I was off to a good start.  I had 2 goals in mind for the race which was to average under a 7:00 minute mile pace and finish under 21:00 minutes.   There was a very slight increase in elevation after the turn around for a half mile stretch or so that slowed me down a little but I was still well within my pace goals.  Just before mile 3 the course takes a left turn up a very steep gravel hill.  I took a little extra time going up the hill to try to keep my heart rate from climbing too high so I would be ready for a sprint to the finish at the top.   I underestimated how the climb would affect my ability to sprint.  I was pretty gassed and wasn’t able to fully push hard to the finish like I had planned.   I went as fast as I could and finished with a time of 21:05 just a few seconds over my goal.   Summit Athletic Club, NC Multisports, and Ritchie’s Sporting Goods all did an outstanding job organizing the race.  All race participants received very nice long sleeve tech shirts.

10/17/2020 Ken Frankenbery, Mike Williams, Steve Zenar, & Loretta Harland Race For The Parks 5K & 10K Hudson, Ohio


Race For The Parks 5K & 10K

Hudson, Ohio

5K Results

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  22:07

Overall Place:  21st Place

Division Place:  2nd Place

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  25:35

Overall Place:  45th Place

Division Place:  4Th Place

Steve Zenar

Finish Time:  26:35

Overall Place:  50th Place

Division Place:  6th Place

10K Results

Loretta Harland

Finish Time:  56:50

Overall Place:  57th Place

Division Place:  3rd Place

Race Recap By Ken Frankenbery:

This was my first real race in 2020.  Sign up on line, pick up number plate at local running store,  you get assigned a starting time, show up, masks on at all times when not running, they sent runners off in small groups of 15-stagered by 6 feet. After no awards,( they mail them ) or lingering at finish, grab a banana and go- they text you results ( that works fine for me)
The loop was a trail around Hudson Lake –gravel & packed dirt-lots of hills.
I was in one of last waves- good thing was guy who started in front of me was just about my speed- so we worked our way thru traffic together. I was pushing hard to catch him , so that kept me motivated- bad thing was guy who started right behind me was in my age group and also motivated trying to catch me ( he did not ) but did beat me by 1 second!
Time was 22:07- 22nd overall out of 100. Is this they way racing will be in the future? Not sure- but for me, I race to push out of my comfort zone-mission accomplished!

10/11/2020 Christine Churpek, Amy Stumpf, Scott Orlando, Loretta Harland Towpath Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K Valley View, Ohio


Towpath Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K

Valley View, Ohio


Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  3:33:23

Overall Place 6th Place

Division Place 1st Place

Christine qualified for the Boston Marathon!

Amy Stumpf

Finish Time:  3:37:17

Overall Place:  10th Place

Division Place:  2nd Overall Female Masters

Amy qualified for the Boston Marathon!

Half Marathon

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  1:40:34

Overall Place:  37th Place

Division Place:  5th Place


Loretta Harland

Finish Time:  57:50

Overall Place:  20th Place

Division Place 1st Place

Race Review By Scott Orlando

This was my first time running the Towpath Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K Race in Valley View, Ohio.  In a time when most marathons are being cancelled the stars seemed to align perfectly for this race.  The COIVD safety protocols were approved to allow the race to happen, the weather was near perfect, and the runners were ready to take on the Towpath Trail.   As race time neared it dawned on me that I have only competed in two other half marathon events as a regular runner of the Akron Half Marathon and once at the Buckeye Half Marathon.  This got my nerves going a bit as I made my final race day preparations.  When I approached the start line my thought process was to run run an enjoyable pace and not worry about my finish time.   I was in the very last heat of half marathon runners so I was expecting the course to be fairly full.   The gun went off and I was well on my way.  I hit the first mile marker running at a 7:09 pace which felt fine at the time but I knew I didn’t want to try to maintain that pace the entire race.  The next few mile markers went by and I slowed down but not to my planned race pace.  I was feeling very strong and smooth.  I knew I could maintain the pace for 8 or maybe 10 miles but probably not 13.1 so I kept backing down the pace.  When I hit mile 10 I realized according to my GPS watch that I was surprisingly trending towards a personal record so I decided to go for it and rev up the pace.  Each mile of the last 3 was stronger than the next.  I knew to hit a personal record I had to be faster than a 7:40 mile pace.  My GPS watch was feeding me data that included my average pace which now had me approaching the finish at an average pace of 7:33 per mile.  I knew I had a chance so I increased speed again.  As my watch notified me that I was at 13 miles I quickly realized that the mileage was not accurate and in sink with the course markings and I had some work left to do.  When I finished my GPS had me at running 13.45 miles at a 7:29 average mile pace.  Of course the official standings and timing are what really counts and I finished the course in 1:40:34 just off of my pace for a personal record.  I felt strong the entire race and am very happy with my performance.   The race was well organized with plenty of hydration stations.  The course was mostly flat and fast with a few bridges to add some elevation changes.  The fall foliage and canals made for beautiful scenery and a wonderful run.   It was great to see other Team ER members Christine Churpek and Amy Stumpf out on the course doing so well and achieving Boston qualifying times.   Loretta Harland was out there on the 10K course winning her division but I never actually saw her.

10/2/2020 Team ER Century September Challenge

  • The September Team ER challenge was all about 100! The goal was to complete 100 miles of activity!

The Rules:

Complete 100 miles of activity between September 1st and September 30th.
Choose one activity or multiple activities to complete your 100 miles.  For example walk 100 miles, run 50 miles and bike 50 miles, walk 25 miles, run 25 miles, bike 25 miles and paddle 25 miles. Any single activity or combination works!
Team ER Members Completing The Challenge:
Kevin Christensen 103 Total Miles
Jobadiah Christiansen 445 Total Miles
Christine Churpek 188 Total Miles
Ken Frankenbery 435 Total Miles
Loretta Harland 109 Total Miles
Asad Khan 270 Total Miles
Roy Miller 160 Total Miles
Scott Orlando 122 Total Miles
Gretchen Snyder 110 Total Miles
Amy Stumpf 180 Total Miles
Mike Williams 107 Total Miles
Steve Zenar 126 Total Miles