11/7/2020 Ken Frankenbery Lake To Lake 10K Lakeland, Florida


Lake To Lake 10K

Lakeland, Florida

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  45:32

Overall Place:  15th Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Race Review By Ken Frankenbery:

Another Covid race with small waves sent out every minute. 170 racers in 10 waves, I was in wave 5. Temp was mid 70’s & windy- decent conditions, course was hillier than I expected. It looped around several lakes, but also worked through some neighborhoods with classic homes- great scenery.
My last race was burned into my memory ( getting second place by 1 second-but never seeing my competitor), so it helped motivate me to push my max the entire race . I ended up 15th Overall, 1st in my age group, and had a time of 45:32 , a 7:20 pace.
They had an award for Master Champion ( over 50 ), I noticed they awarded it to a 50 year old who was a minute slower than I was. I asked, and the Promotor was honest and said she assumed no one over 60 would be in contention for award so never checked my time so they missed me.  Since she already gave award out- ( it was a local she knew) said she would mail me another one.
It didn’t matter to me as I was just happy to be racing!

11/5/2020 Team ER October Stretch Challenge

The October Stretch Challenge Starts Today!
This might be our toughest challenge yet! As runners and multi sport athletes we all know we should be stretching regularly but rarely do so here is a new challenge that you could find to be our most difficult yet!
The Rules:
  • You must complete some form of structured stretching each day for the entire month.
  • This may include static or dynamic stretching performed individually, as a group or in a class setting.
  • Stretching should be no less than 5-10 minutes daily to qualify and keep you in the challenge.
  • The longer you last in the challenge the more team points you earn!
    • October 1st – October 4th earns 2 points.
    • October 1st – October 11th earns 4 points
    • October 1st – October 18th earns 6 points
    • October 1st – October 25th earns 8 points
    • October 1st – October 31st earns 10 points
  • Miss a day and you are out of the challenge.
  • Once your challenge has ended post a picture of yourself in a Team ER shirt or apparel item to the team Facebook page with the title: I took the Team ER October Challenge And Lasted _____ Days! #teameroctoberstretchchallenge
    • Team members performing the challenge but not submitting pictures will receive half of the points earned.
  • Every Team ER member that participates in the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a great prize!
  • Challenge Results
    Asad Khan earned 1 point
    Mike Williams earned 5 points
    Gretchen Snyder earned 6 points.
    Kevin Christensen earned 6 points
    Scott Orlando earned 8 points
    Christine Churpek earned 10 Points