3/27/2021 Ken Frankenbery Lake Minneola 5K Clermont, Florida


Lake Minneola Half Marathon, 10K and 5K

Clermont, Florida

5K Race

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  21:05

Overall Place:  6th Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Race Review By Ken Frankenbery:

This was an awesome morning race started that started at sunrise.  Even though the race started early at 7 am it was already hot and humid with temps over 70 degrees.  The race was a great event , put on by a great organization.

Today was a break thru race for me. Not because it was my fastest ( My PR is 19:32) but I ran a solid race (21:05), placed well-( 6th overall out of 127, 1st Masters & 1st in my age group) and more important enjoyed being able to do something I love-compete. In the past I always was striving for a PR ( personal record), and comparing every race to my best -but at 65, I realize that I need to be the best I can be-not try to compete with a 40 year old me. So today was a new PR at age 65, and I am happy with a that.

3/7/2021 Scott Orlando Hartville Trail Runs St. Patrick’s Day 5K Trail Race Hartville, Ohio


Hartville Trail Runs St. Patrick’s Day 5K Trail Race

Hartville, Ohio

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  1:07:48

Race Review By Scott Orlando

This was my fourth time competing in the Hartville Trail Runs St. Patrick’s Day 5K Trail Race.   I was registered for the 2020 race but it was cancelled due to the pandemic.  My registration was deferred to the 2021 race automatically.  Unfortunately due to a calf strain I was unable to run.   There were no refunds or deferment continuations  so I decided to walk the course and earn my shirt.  I don’t like wearing race shirts unless I compete in our help volunteer for the event so walking was my best solution.   The race this year was offered as a hybrid event.  Participants could choose between racing on their own on the marked course at Quail Hollow Park or choose to the race as a virtual event with any course of their choosing.   The live course was marked and available for one full week Sunday – Sunday.   Participants were asked to submit finish times by email.   I chose to compete on the live course at Quail Hollow Park.   The course was much different then in years past.   I believe the course changes were designed to make it easy for participants to complete the self guided course eliminating any confusing repeated loops or sections.  The new course was one large loop with no sections repeated.   The course was well marked.  I do think that a few more direction arrows could have been added at some crossing trail areas.  I was fine navigating the course walking but I think anyone running at a fast pace may have found themselves slowing down in areas to determine the course directions.   The course itself was very muddy and soft in most sections with other low valley areas still very much frozen.   The mud wasn’t deep as the ground was frozen below the surface but it was slippery.   The course conditions and elevation changes made for slow going.  I had anticipated completing the course in under an hours but was much slower at 1:07:48.    Although I wasn’t able to run I did enjoy getting outside and taking in all of the beauty of the park.   In the end I completed the course and can wear the long sleeve tech shirt with pride knowing that I earned it.   I wasn’t fast and I won’t contend for an award in my division but I know it is not always about being fast.  Sometimes it is just about getting out there and completing the course.

3/2/2021 Ken Frankenbery Croom Off Road 50 Mile Mountain Bike Ride. Brooksville, Florida


Croom Off Road 50 Mile Mountain Bike Ride

Brooksville, Florida

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  4:58:00

Race Recap By Ken Frankenbery

Today did my 11th Croom Off Road 50 Mile Mountain Bike Ride in Brooksville Florida. This year it was a virtual event.  My friend Juan joined me and pushed me to the limit!  It was hot, humid, and dry which made for tough conditions and a challenging ride.  At times there were some welcome rain showers that helped cool us off.  I beat 5 hours ( by 2 minutes!) with an average speed of 11.7 MPH.  Overall it was a great day.