3/17/2018 Cody S., Scott O., And Mike W. Hartville St. Patrick’s Day Trail Run 5K


Hartville Trail Runs St. Patrick’s Day 5K Trail Run Race

Quail Hollow State Park

Hartville, Ohio


Cody Stockert

Finish Time:   26:40

Finish Place:  1st Place Age Division.  41st Overall

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  25:15

Finish Place:  4th Place Age Division.  28th Overall

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  26:16

Finish Place:  6th Place Age Division.  38th Overall

Race Review

The Hartville St. Patrick’s Day 5K Trail 5K Run Race is one of two races offered annually by the fine people at Hartville Trail Runs.  This year’s race saw a huge jump in registration adding 100 more runners than last year to total just under 300 finishers.  An increase like that tells you that they are doing thing’s right and know how to offer a great race experience.  The weather for the race was cool in the low 30’s but little wind made for very comfortable running conditions.  The course was a little softer than last year but the ground was still frozen enough to keep runners from sinking into the potentially muddy trail.  The race starts with a mad dash from the paved parking lot to an inclined dirt trail head.  The first mile was slow for most runners as the masses jockeyed for position on the narrow trail.  Like many I found myself boxed in and unable to pass slower runners in the congestion resulting in a very slow first mile split.  The course opened up in the second and third miles as runners spread out weaving and dodging trees, turns, and elevation changes in the scenic woods.  Finish times for most runners appeared to be slower than last year.  A few slight course changes, the congested start, softer terrain, and possibly a longer overall course all seem to be factors in the slower times.  Everyone I spoke with had 3.25 – 3.35 miles recorded on GPS devices.  All participants received St. Patrick’s Day themed long sleeve tech shirts.  Hartville Trail Runs once again did an outstanding job with the race.  Moving forward I would recommend that they make two changes to the event.  First, that they offer age group awards every 5 years instead of every 10 years.  Last year it was appropriate, but now that the race has grown it is time to extend the awards.  Second that they consider starting the race in heats to reduce congestion on the first mile.  Overall This is a great well organized event that I am sure will continue to grow.