5/11/2019 Matt Addessi Races At The Lake Race #4 Munroe Falls, Ohio


Races At The Lake Race #4 Bike Race

Munroe Falls, OH

Matt Addessi

Overall Finish Place:  8th

Race Recap by Matt Addessi.

The Summit Freewheelers RATL #4 and the crew were ready to rip Saturday.   There were 34 racers this time and I ended finishing in 8th place.  This race was much faster with the first 10 wheels strung out in single file.  It stayed that way most of the race until the games began with 2 laps to go. Once again a hectic sprint finish with a lot of guys hammering.  I learned so much from each race as every one played out differently,  So many tactics involved and you can make 100 right decisions, but the 1 wrong one you make will keep you off the box.   This is a very intense and laser focused type of racing and I’m looking for more!