5/4/2019 Matt Addessi Races At The Lake Race # 3 Munroe Falls, Ohio


Races At The Lakes Race #3

Bike Race

Munroe Falls, Ohio

Matt Addessi

Finish Place:  7 / 30

Race recap by Matt Addessi.

I made a last minute decision the night before to race RATL #3

I had a much better outcome today, finishing 7 out of 30!  I was way more patient this time.  I did my turn on the front but then stayed with the peloton.   It was definitely a much faster paced race which plays into my strengths perfectly.  I was 15th wheel with about 200 meters to go.  It’s really hard to stay patient in these races.  I got boxed in but squeezed through a small opening and followed the right wheel.  With about 100 meters to go I opened it up and past about 8 guys with my sprint.  I was actually surprised that I had a sprint with some power at the end!   Again, insanely fun, crazy fast, and everyone stayed safe.

Racing again next weekend at the last RATL Race #4  then it’s onto a TT focus.