6/12/2021 Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford, Jill Bidwell McCauslin, Scott Orlando, And Amy Stumpf 2021 Main Street Kent 5K Kent, Ohio


2021 Main Street Kent 5K

Kent, Ohio

Non Timed 5K Fun Run.

Team ER Members Competing The Run:

Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford
Jill Bidwell McCauslin
Scott Orlando

Team ER Members Volunteering:

Amy Stumpf

Race Review By Scott Orlando.

A great time was had by all at the first every Main Street Kent 5K.   This was not a race but a fun run so there was no timing.   North Water Brewery was the home base for this event with the run taking place on the paved bike trail just behind the brewery.   Runners were sent off in waves every hour on the out and back course.   At the finish runners gathered at North Water Brewery to receive their logoed keepsake glass and to have it filled with North Water Brewery’s finest creations.   I signed up for the 10:00 am wave.  I arrived at 9:00 am and hit the trail in the opposite direction of the course for 3 pre run bonus miles.   At the actual run I planned on a pace somewhere between a faster tempo run but not my full 5K race pace.   I ran the first mile with this mindset but a few faster runners in front of me pushed the pace so I decided to follow.   Each mile I got faster eventually catching and passing one of the runners.   The course was a little shy of 3 miles so at the finish I made a quick turn back to the to complete the full 5K.   The run was enjoyable as was socializing with all of the local runners that came out to support Main Street Kent.   I am not sure if it was the beer at the finish or the run but the event was well supported with over 200 people taking to the course.