7/20/2020 Team ER Something New Challenge


Team ER 2020 Try Something New Challenge

We all at one point or another tend to get repetitive with our training routine which can lead to boredom and plateaus so this week we tried something new! The Try Something New Challenge was simple. All you had to do was complete at least one workout session that incorporates a new form of activity, that you have never done or haven’t done this year.
The Rules:
  • Complete at least one workout that includes an activity, skill, technique, drill, or mode of exercise that you have never done or have not done this year.Once you complete the challenge post a picture of yourself to the Team ER Facebook page with the title: I Tried Something New And Liked It! #teamertrysomethingnewchallenge
  • Complete the challenge and earn 2.5 team points for reporting your results and another 2.5 points for submitting a picture of yourself for a total of 5 points.Everyone that completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Team ER Face Mask!

Team ER Members Completing The Challenge Include:

Kevin Christensen      (5 points earned)
Jobadiah Christensen   (5 points earned)
Scott Orlando          (5 points earned)
Mike Williams          (2.5 points earned)