Andrea Rose Teodorosa Memorial 5 K- 7-7-2016

This is one of the best run 5k’s in the area- always attracts top runners. A flat course through downtown Akron, lots of volunteers and raises funds for a good cause.

The weather was warm and humid even at 8am when the gun went off. I started strong and really pushed hard the whole race. The lead pack pulled out of sight on the first mile- the top 3 runners finished in under 17 minutes the top 15 all under 19.
I had several runners pushing me at the finish- so sprinted hard the last ¼ mile, which put me 29th overall just missing breaking 20 minutes with a 20:01. The sprint at end helped me win my age group, second place was 4 seconds back

With the towpath trail right at the finish- I headed to my car right after the race to grab my bike and ride home- a great workout!


Scope It Out 5K- Hudson Ohio 10-24-2015

Jerry & Sue Lynch from Life Center Plus not only put on a great event, but as they are well known for, helping a great cause. It was great to see a lot of support from the Life Center Members and staff on this worthwhile cause

It was the first cold morning of the year, with temps in low 30’s, some frost on ground, but predicted rain held off making it a perfect race morning. The course was a perfect 3.11 miles long, minimum turns and very organized.

I did not get the long warm up I planned for , and as any 5K, the first mile felt like a heart attack, and the cold air on the lungs added to the feel. I ended up 5th overall, first in my age group, with a 20:25.

Thanks to Josh Ritchie, for some great awards!

Ken Frankenbery

PAUL LENZ….Columbus Marathon

Columbus Marathon
22/291 AG, 285/4432 OA

Great day to run a marathon with 19,000 friends in our capital city after a big Buckeye win! Cool temps (28 deg) with clear skies and little to no wind greeted us at the start. Settled into a controlled pace early on and maintained it until mile 20-21per plan. As always, the goal was to “tear down the wall” and try to descend the last 5-6 miles. Not as much left in the legs as hoped, but able to keep a continued, steady pace near goal with the last mile slightly faster. Finished seconds off my previous PR from 3yrs ago, qualifying for Boston ’17 by nearly 12 min. Time for some rest with a couple of fun races with family until mid December when Boston ’16 training countdown starts! After doing my first half ironman mid August, I am a big believer in the benefits of Tri training complementing and adding to a marathon training plan and goal.


FULL….Laurie, 3rd age group, 17th overall women….time 3:24, 7:47 pace. Scott, 37th age group, time 3:50:11 PR for Scott.

HALF…Paul Lenz, 7th age group, time !:32, pace 7:02. Steve Bable, 37th age group, time 1:46:06 pace 8:05.

RELAY….Gretchen….Team “GOT The Runzzz”, time 3:25:03. Steve Z. ran 3rd leg for another team, 8:01 pace time 45:55