2/13/2021 Frostbite 5K Prediction Race Munroe Falls, Ohio


Frostbite 5K Prediction Race

Munroe Falls, Ohio

Race Review By Scott Orlando

120 runners and walkers took to the service roads of the Munroe Falls Lake Park for the Summit Athletic Club’s annual Frostbite 5K Prediction Race.    The race conditions were the best that I have seen in several years.  Temperatures in the 20’s kept things chilly, but there was little to no wind and the roads where almost entirely free of ice and snow.   I was unable to run this year due to a calf strain so I volunteered to help with the race.   I was assigned a post on the course directing runners and walkers to either head straight on the first lap or turn right to the finish on the second lap.   I brought along a portable speaker and cranked it up as loud as it would go to help add some energy to the course for the runners and walkers.   I was also able to take pictures of all participants and posted them on the SARC Facebook page.   I found the entire experience a lot of fun and I was thankful to be able to give back and support the local running community.   All participants received logoed fleece blankets.   Due to COVID safety measures awards where a little different this year with the top 25 finishing closest to their predicted times receiving their choice of a selection of items at Ritchie’s Sporting Goods.   As always, Summit Athletic Club, North Coast Multisports, and Ritchie’s Sporting Goods did an excellent job organizing and producing the race.

12/31/2020 Great New Year’s Eve 5K Kent, Ohio


Great New Year’s Eve 5K

Kent, Ohio

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  22:20

Overall Place:  30th Place

Division Place:  2nd Place

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  22:30

Overall Place:  36th Place

Division Place:  2nd Place

Amy Stumpf

Finish Time:  22:54

Overall Place:  44th Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Russ Neubert

Finish Time:  23:51

Overall Place:  57th Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  25:47

Overall Place:  80th Place

Division Place:  7th Place

Jerry Lynch

Finish Time:  29:51

Overall Place:  133rd Place

Division Place:  8th Place

Race Review By Scott Orlando:

The Summit Athletic Runners Club (SARC) Great New Year’s Eve 5K is always a great way for any runner to finish the year with one last race.  This year the race was moved from its usually course location of Stow, Ohio to Kent, Ohio.   COVID protocols restricted the race to 150 runners which sold out quickly so a second heat was added which allowed another 150 runners to participate.   Strict COVID protocols were in place to provide a safe experience for everyone.   This year’s course was the same as the Race Like A Local and Turkey Trot both held earlier in the year.  The out and back course features a fast downhill start to the paved trail along the river.  At the 3 mile mark runners divert off the paved trail up a steep short gravel hill and back to the park for the finish.   I hadn’t run in a week as I was resting a calf that showed some signs of a mild strain.   I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to run but I thought I would warm up and see how it felt.   With warm ups complete my calf felt ok so I decided to put it to the test.   I started with a fast first mile of 6:37.   As I hit the second mile of the course I started to slow down,  The bridges and several parts of the trail were covered in compressed snow and ice making traction tough.   I made it to the turn around point still averaging under a 7 minute mile pace.   The second time over the icy bridges slowed me down even more.  Not wanting to strain my calf further I did not push my pace to try to make up lost time.  The gravel hill climb back to the park took my breath away for a few minutes but I was able to increase pace for a quick sprint to the finish.   I finished in 22:20 which was slower then my time of 21:06 on the same course earlier in the year.  I was happy to finish with my calf in tact taking 2nd place in my age division.   It was great to see so many other Team ER members and runners from the Kent running group Run Like A Mother at the race.   SARC, North Coast Multisports and Josh Ritchie did an outstanding job organizing the race.   All runners received quarter zip long sleeve shirts.  Awards included SARC winter hats to be picked up at Ritchie’s Sporting Goods as there were no awards presented the day of the race.   Again thank you to SARC, North Coast Multisports, Josh Ritchie, and Mickey Rzymek for their ongoing commitment to offering live races to keep us all running and competing through the pandemic.

12/5/2020 Ken Frankenbery Hilly 100 Bike Ride Brooksville, Florida


Hilly !00 Bike Ride

Brooksville, Florida

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  5:36:54

Event Recap By Ken Frankenbery:

Brooksville Florida “Hilly 100” Bike Ride
It’s been several years since I did a big bike ride. The 100 is sponsored by a great Local Bike shop.  Pat & Mark from Crank Works Bikes who use the event for a local children’s charity. They really worked hard to make it a awesome event, and raised some significant funds for the charity- first class people.
It was frightening/ exhilarating/ and a great time. There were over 200 riders.  Many top teams from all over Florida were there.  The loop course had close to 5000 feet of elevation gain, stringing together some serious rolling hills (Yes there are hills in Florida !) . Weather was perfect- 60 degree’s & sunny.
I worked with a group of 50+ riders for the first 25 miles, had a team (VDB -all matching kits) of over 30 riders go buy us like we were standing still. I was averaging 23 MPH when they passed, they had to be going 30+ MPH.
Once the bigger hills hit, along with people stopping for water/bathroom breaks, things broke apart. I had Karen meet me at ½ way point with refills/fuel so I could make a fast pit stop & shed some clothing as it warmed up.  I got ahead of many groups ( who had to take longer pit stops ) , and worked with a few groups for most of day, with some solo riding added in.
I ended up averaging just under 18 MPH, finishing in just over 5 & ½ hours- a solid day!   I was able to squeak out an 11 mile run the next morning, so being able to run after a long and hard bike ride is a great plus.  I am so lucky to be able to train in Florida!

11/26/2020 Scott Orlando Mansfield Lexington 10K Turkey Trot Mansfield, Ohio


Mansfield Lexington Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K Turkey Trot

Mansfield, Ohio


Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  44:18

Overall Place:  3rd Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Race Recap By Scott Orlando

This was the third year for the Mansfield Lexington Turkey Trot Race and my second time competing in the event.   This year the race was moved to a new location but still utilized the same paved bike trail as the previous last two years.   The new location offered more parking and probably a safer environment for social distancing.  The new start and finish line were about 1.5 miles from the previous year’s races.  The 5K course was mostly new while the 10K and half marathon utilized a great deal of the old course.   I found that the new course featured a little bit more elevation change then the old courses but still it is a relatively flat fast course.   Weather was fairly good for running with temperatures in the high 40’s but there were some strong winds in the 10 – 15 mph range.  Race organizers were under strict health department guidelines that they followed very well which included required masks, staggered starts, and social distancing.   The race was kept small by design and was very family friendly allowing dogs on leashes, strollers, and a pre race kids fun run.

I started fast which was my plan and clocked a 6:36 first mile.  For social distancing purposes I wanted to clear some space and get everyone away from me on the trail.   A 34 year old started just behind me and passed me after the first mile.   He never slowed down and was the overall winner.   I settled in at a little slower pace.  My goal was to finish the race under a 7 minute mile pace.   I was running well and trending towards my goal.   At the turnaround I was able to see the other runners behind me.   I only saw one young runner that looked like he might be able to catch me, but with a staggered start it was very hard to tell.    The last mile my GPS was telling me I was averaging a 6:56 mile pace.  I knew reaching my goal would be close so I pushed not knowing where the other runner was.   I finished not being passed by any other runners so I felt like I had a chance for 2nd overall.   Turns out the young runner who was 14 years of age started well behind me and did beat my time by about 30 seconds so I finished 3rd overall with a time of 44:18.   I am happy with my result as it was a tougher course then last year and I beat my time by about 15 seconds.   According to my GPS I averaged a 6:54 mile pace for 6:41 miles.  Officially results have me completing the course with a 7:08 mile pace.  I remember seeing a sign about 150 meters from the finish the read 10K finish so I am not sure if the course was long by design and the sign indicated the actual 10K mark or my GPS was off.

There were no awards of any kind per health department guidelines.   In the past there were no age group awards and overall winners received large baskets of Thanksgiving style groceries.  Perhaps the health department said no to this type of award offering which I certainly understand.   I am not clear on why the race directors would not be able to offer another type of award or mail out awards.   Like other races, award ceremonies are not allowed.   I don’t know all the details on why the race was not allowed to provide awards but I found it interesting.   They were able to provide the race swag in prepackaged bags as well as a table to pick from a selection of pies and some post race snacks of granola bars and bananas.  Swag for this race was awesome and included tech hoodies, finisher medals, tote bags, sponsor samples, and pies.   The race was really well organized and was executed with extreme safety.  Very well done.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share the experience with my niece who ran her 2nd ever 5K.