Ken Frankenbery..Hinckley Du

Hinckley “Buzzard” Duathlon 4-30-2017

The Hinckley race is one of my favorites. It’s close to home, a great hilly loop, and this year the weather was perfect! I first did this race in 2004, and have done it almost a dozen times since then.

The first 5 k run starts out at the Lake parking lot, which means you are at the bottom of a steep hill. I tried to keep leaders in sight, but the top 10 slowly pulled away from me as we passed mile 2. I knew a few would be doing run only, so kept pushing, ended first run with a 20.48- a decent run, but well off my past races times. I had a fast transition, hit the bike and felt solid. They made a course change- we did 2- 7 mile laps, going up Ledge rd. (“The wall”) I guess its 14-15 % grade. I was able to pass a few people there, one interesting “Team Euphoria” rider had music blasting on his bike you could hear from ½ a mile away. I passed him on the wall- but could slowly hear the music catching me on the flats. He passed me and pulled away-whatever helps you get through I guess. Rest of bike went ok, with only a few people passing me – a couple were relay teams (hate the relay teams!). I passed another rider in transition- hit the last run, and was totally alone. Top riders had pulled out a huge lead- people behind me were way back- so a lowly finish. Second run was 23:30, for total time of 1:31. Good enough for first in my age group- and 12th overall.
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