I raced the April Fools 25K trail race this morning in the CVNP. While the temp and weather were just about perfect, the trail was only perfect if you were a pig, lucky for me, I like to get dirty! Lots of water and mud, and not just any mud, the type of mud that will not only suck your shoe off, but quite possibly suck your soul out as well. Maybe not your soul, but I stopped to re-tie my shoes to be safe. Within the first 200 yards everyone was wet as we had to cross a stream, in fact we had to cross many “streams” as the water was still draining from the rain the past few days. The race went about as well as I expected it, a little slower, but no surprises. Great course markings, great volunteers and overall a really good atmosphere. This is my longest run to date, I’m happy with my progress so far and looking forward to continuing to push the limits of what I thought my body could do. Finished 91/245, time to clean the shoes!FOO