2/3/2018 Cody and Scott Frostbite 5K Prediction Race Munroe Falls, OH

Frostbite 5K Prediction Race


Munroe Falls, OH

Cody Stockert

Predicted time 26:30

Actual finish time 23:08

Prediction finish 93/105

2nd overall fastest female finish time

10th overall fastest finish time

Scott Orlando

Predicted time 23:50

Actual finish time 24:00

Prediction finish 14/105

15th overall fastest finish time

Race Review

This was my 4th time competing in the Summit Athletic Runners Club annual Frostbite 5K Prediction Race.  Once again the race lived up to it’s namesake with temperatures hovering in single digits.  This year’s race saw a little over 100 runners braving the cold as they tried to predict their finish time of the 2 lap course around Munroe Falls Park.  Although it was cold, race conditions weren’t that bad.  The road was mostly clear of ice and snow except for a few spots and the wind was manageable making for a nice scenic run around the lake.   The calf injury I have been dealing with kept me from really pushing my pace.  My left calf tightened up late in the first mile and I wasn’t sure if I would even finish.  Luckily it held and I was able to complete the course.  Cody attacked the course from the first hill and never looked back.  Although she was no where close to her prediction she ran a really great 5K time being the 2nd female and 10th overall to cross the finish.  Sometimes it’s better to be fast than predictable.  In the past I have been a little critical of this race but I must say that Summit Athletic Runners Club really did an outstanding job this year!  Each participant received a 1/4 tech shirt and a finisher medal.  There were more than enough prizes so everyone received one.  Ritchie’s Sporting Goods donated gift cards for the top 10 predicted time winners.  SARC did a great job tallying the results and presenting the awards quickly and accurately.  Well done SARC!




11-11-2017 Scott Canton Charge 5K

Scott Orlando

Canton Charge 5K


Canton, Ohio

1st place age division

29th out of 533 overall

Finish time 23:24

Canton Charge 5K Race Review.

This was my second time competing in the Canton Charge 5K.  This is an unusual race as it starts and finishes indoors at the Canton Civic Center.  The race conditions were less than ideal.  Outside temperatures were in the brisk teens and their were heavy winds making this challenging course even tougher.  After leaving the Civic Center runners are quickly welcomed by a long steady incline for most of the first mile.  The course then turns onto a brick side street in the second mile which features the largest hill on the course.  Runners then make their way through several other brick side streets before returning to the main road.  The brick roads are hard on the feet and ankles so many runners opted for the sidewalks that made a smoother run.  The course returns to the main street for a flat fast finish.  Runners were greeted at the finish line with high fives by the Canton Charge Mascot and members of the Canton Charge Dance Team who presented finisher medals.  I have to say that this was probably my slowest 5K and most challenging of the year.  Even though the race field was much larger than last year and I ran slower, I still managed to win my age division.  All runners received long sleeve tech shirts, custom finisher medals, Canton Charge ticket vouchers, and a post race party that included Michelob Ultra, pizza, and lots of other snacks.  A new feature to this year’s race was the 0.0 race.  The 0.0  race provided an opportunity for non runners and walkers to participate.  Run Canton, who organized the race, yet again did an amazing job.  They offer fantastic events with great race swag.  Every race they organized this year grew in participation from the previous year.  All of their events are worth checking out!

10/14/2017 Scott & Gretchen Bowman Cup 5K Kent, Ohio


Bowman Cup 5K

Kent, Ohio

Gretchen Snyder

3rd place overall female alumni

2nd place age group

51st overall

Course PR

Finish time 23:10


Scott Orlando

4th place age group

39th overall

Course PR

Finish time 21:53

Race Review by Scott Orlando

The Bowman Cup 5K race is part of Kent State’s homecoming celebration weekend.  The race is in its 17th year.  This was the first year out of 6 that I have participated where the weather was actually decent for running.  Race time temperatures hovered in the low 60’s with just a slight breeze.  The course continues to be the same as in years past and features a fast flat first mile followed by some sneaky slight incline in the second and third mile.  You can’t really see much of the incline, but runners can certainly feel it grinding away on their legs in the final two thirds of the race.  This year a lot of runners achieved course records do to the unusually nice running conditions.  The course field was relatively small compared to most years.  typically this race draws 500 – 600 participants, but this year dipped down to around 300 runners and walkers.  I think the drop in participation has to do with the number of new races offered the same weekend.   In the past runners received tech shirts, football tickets, and some sponsor promotional items.  This year runners received basic t-shirts and a race bib.   The race swag and value of this race needs to improve to compete with the increased competition of the new races on the schedule.  Overall it continues to be a nice well organized event.


10/7/2017 Scott Run Now Wine Later 4.5 Mile Run Canton Ohio

Scott Orlando


Run Now Wine Later 4.5 Mile Run

Gervasi Vineyard Canton, Ohio

12th overall

6th male

1st in age group

Finish time:  34:00

Another great race by the fine people at Run Canton.  This year’s race doubled in size from last year with over 1100 registered and sold out fast.  This was my first real race back from calf injury and my goal was to just finish with no re-injury and average around an 8:00 minute mile.  The race conditions were perfect in the low 60’s with a very slight breeze.  I was shocked early in the race to find myself in the lead pack with such a large field.  I wasn’t really focused on pace or speed as I was just happy to be running again.  My first mile was faster than I had thought it would be around 7:18.  I slowed down a little in the second mile which had some rolling hills and then picked up my pace for the last third of the race.  I was surprised that I averaged 7:33 mile pace and finished 1st in my age group for the second year in a row.  As always with a Run Canton event, racers received great race swag and custom finisher medals.  The real draw to this race remains Gervasi and the wine!  Register early next year if you want to get in on this great race as I am sure it will sell out fast!

Dan and Scott Maize Valley Beer Run 5K

Maize Valley 5K Beer Run

Hartville, OH

October October 1, 2017

Dan Deckler

Finish time:  37:31

44th overall

Scott Orlando

Finish time: 23:39

6th overall

This was the first year for Maize Valley to offer the 5K Beer Run.  I have to say from the start this was one of the most enjoyable running events I have done in a long time.  The weather was perfect and Maize Valley is a special place with unique things to do and see around every corner.  The true cross country course took runners in heats on grass trails through vineyards, pine tree farms, a corn maze, and a small wooded area before looping back around to the finish.  The course isn’t fast especially when weaving up and down the rows in the vineyard and pine tree farm but not many races can provide the views, terrain, and experience that Maize Valley does.  Finishers were greeted with big smiles, custom medals, and Maize Valley craft beer.  All participants received embroidered Maize Valley Brewery quarter zip tech pullovers.  For a first time race Maize Valley did an amazing job.  I look forward to doing this one again next year!

Scott Orlando & Stephanie Groseclose Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon Hinckley, OH

Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon

September 16th,2017

Hinckley, OH

2nd place relay team

Finish time 1:15:35

This was the 4th time competing in this race but the first time as a relay.  Stephanie completed the 3.5 mile run leg and I completed the 3K kayak and 15K bike legs.  Stephanie had a great run and was the fastest female runner on the course.  She was just steps behind a small group of the top male runners as she made her way to the boat house for kayak leg transition.  The first place relay team runner was the fastest runner on the course giving his team a huge 6 minute lead.  I made up 3-4 minutes on the leading relay team with a strong kayak leg using my Stellar SR Multisport Surf Ski.  This was probably my fastest time in the new boat so far.  I was able to make up a little more time on the 3 lap 15K bike course but we came up just a little short.  The first place team beat us by just under 1 minute.  Our finish time was the 5th overall fastest finish time in the race field.  The weather was perfect for the race and Cleveland Metro Parks did a very nice job organizing and hosting the race.