10/14/2018 Matt Addessi Akron Gran Fondo Akron, Ohio


Akron Gran Fondo

75 Mile Bike Ride

Akron, Ohio

Matt Addessi

Race Recap by Matt Addessi

I completed the 75 mile Akron Gran Fondo on Sunday. A challenging course with about 5000 ft of elevation gain. I made it with the lead group and hung on until the end, not that this was a race but it was a very friendly and competitive group. I would say it was more of a drop group ride. We started with about 10 in the lead pack and finished with 3 averaging a little over 18 mph. I needed to make a mechanical stop at mile 62 and thankfully Jimmy Ruggles from Eddy’s Bike Shop was there to help me out! The support on this event was phenomenal, the police were awesome with about a 10 mile lead out through Akron! Jimmy Ruggles and Eddy’s Bike Shop were at every aid station ready to help and dial your bike back in. Fully stocked aid stations, easy to follow course markings, and an awesome and challenging course. Overall, really cool event with a great vibe.

10/2/2018 Mike Williams Western Reserve Fall Race Series Cuyahoga Falls, OH

10/2/2018 -10-30-2018

Western Reserve Racing Fall Race Series

5 Race Series.  Each Race 3-6 Miles

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Mike Williams

Race Series Race #1

Finish Time:  26:27

Overall Place:  42/183

Division Place:  9/26

Race Series Race # 2

Finish Time:  48:01

Overall Place:  45/183

Division Place 9/26

Race Series Race # 3

Finish Time:  32:04

Overall Place:  32/98

Division Place:  9/26

Race Series Race # 4

Finish Time:  37:59

Overall Place:  46/80

Division Place:  13/19

Race Series # 5

Finish Time:  46:18

Overall Place:  27/82

Division Place:  9/23


10/6/2018 Scott Orlando Run Now Wine Later 4.5 Mile Race Canton, Ohio


Run Now Wine Later

Gervasi Winery Canton, OH

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  34:18

Overall Place:  14/ 592

Division Place:  3rd Place

Race Recap By Scott Orlando

The Run Now Wine Later 4.5 mile race held at Gervasi Winery in Canton, OH is a race I look forward to every year.  This year nearly 600 wine lovers took on the hilly trails around Gervasi all for a chance to raise a glass of red or white at the finish.  Numbers where down from last year’s record 1100 registrants, but I believe this is because there were several other local races the same day.  Running conditions were tough with warm temperatures and extremely high humidity.  I started off at a fast pace in the first mile but slowed down on the hilly next two miles.  The last mile is fairly flat and I usually pick up my pace and have a strong kick to finish, but I think the humidity and the previous week’s half marathon got the best of me and my legs just didn’t have it in them.  Thinking I had my division won, I cruised the last mile of the race conceding to the heat and humidity.  I didn’t realize that two runners in my age division were just ahead of me.  I finished in 3rd place in my age division and just 18 seconds off of last year’s pace.  As always, Run Canton did an amazing job organizing the race.  Racers received long sleeve tech shirts, wine stopper finisher medals, and a $10 Gervasi voucher.  I received a wine glass for finishing 3rd which I quickly filled up with my favorite Gervasi red.


9/28/2018 Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay Steve B., Scott, Loretta H, Chris B., Roy M, and Gretchen S


Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, And Relay.

Akron, Ohio

Half Marathon Results

Steve Bable

Finish Time: 1:40:40

Overall Place: 185/2971

Division Place: 9/109

Scott Orlando

Finish Time: 1:43:18

Overall Place:  243/2971

Division Place:  19/153

Loretta Harland

Finish Time:  1:57:13

Overall Place:  748/2971

Division Place:  13/129

Chris Brown

Finish Time:  3:31:47

Overall Place:  2908/2971

Division Place:  44/151

Relay Team Participants

Gretchen Snyder

Roy Miller

Race Recap By Scott Orlando

Race conditions were near ideal for the 16th running of the Akron Marathon.  Ohio Team ER was well represented at this year’s race with 4 members completing the half marathon and 2 additional team members competing on relay teams.  The Akron Marathon is one of the largest running events in Ohio.  It did appear that participation was down from previous years.  The race did make a few changes including the elimination of the finisher gift that in the past ranged from hats, socks, to towels.  The Akron Marathon continues to be one of the best organized and largest relay marathons in the country but they could see numbers continue to decline if prices continue to increase and race value decreases.  The army of volunteers that shows up every year is always impressive and greatly appreciated.  If you are a runner in the Akron area this race should be an annual must do event and with so many running distance options everyone can find a way to participate.

9/22/2018 Scott Orlando Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon Hinckley, Ohio


Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon

Hinckley, Ohio

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  1:18:42

Overall Finish:  7th Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Race Review By Scott Orlando

This was the 7th year for the annual Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon in Hinckley, Ohio.  The race consists of a 3.5 mile run, 5K kayak, and 9 mile bike.  The run is on done on the trails around Hinckley Lake that change between paved, gravel and dirt.  The course has lots of hills and turns as it makes its way around the lake to the boat house to the kayak leg.  I was a little slow on the run but I knew I could make up time in the kayak so a conserved energy and stayed at a nice easy pace.  I chose to use my Stellar SR Multisport for the kayak leg.  I had a fast transition into the 19′ surf ski and quickly started passing the runners that had gotten ahead of me.  The speed of the SR was not match for any of the slower recreational boats and I quickly got back to the front of the race.  I have to admit that I enjoyed the look on the faces of the kayakers in the slower boats as I flew past them with ease!  Another clean transition to the bike and I was off to tackle the 3 laps of hills.  I was back and forth the entire bike course with a much younger but very fast competitor.  My only advantage was my faster triathlon bike compared to his basic hybrid.  I would pass him on the flat and declined parts of the course and he would catch me on the hills.  The last lap I really dug in, got the lead, and held on to the finish beating him less then a minute.  The race was well organized.  They provide an award for 1st place overall (no 2nd or 3rd overall)  and age groups are configured strangely.  Awards were a little lacking in quality but the shirts were nice and I did when a nice raffle prize of a free entry to next year’s race.  I always enjoy this race and look forward to returning in the future.

9/15/2018 Scott Orlando Capital City Challenge Adventure Triathlon Charleston, WV


Capital City Challenge Adventure Triathlon

Charleston, WV

4.2 mile run, 4.2 mile kayak and 16.8 mile bike

Scott Orlando

Finish Time: 2:12:39

Division Place:  3rd Place

Race Recap by Scott Orlando.

The Capital City Challenge in Charleston, WV continues to be one of my favorite races.  This was my 5th time competing in the race.  What was thought to be a weather challenged event due to the pending path of Hurricane Florence ended up being a very hot, sunny, and humid day.  Although the run course was very flat and without a single turn, it ended up being the most challenging part of the race for me due to the extreme heat and humidity with little or no shade to hide from the sun.  I started with a fairly fast pace but ended up backing off from the effects of the sun.  I completed the run leg in around 10th or 11th place.  My transition to the kayak was a little slow as I tried to recover a bit from the run.  I didn’t waste time but my movements were very deliberate as to not make a costly mistake.  The kayak leg was my happy place in this race.  I chose to race my Stellar S16 Multisport kayak over my faster but less stable Stellar SR Multisport surf ski.  I chose to make the trip with the smaller and slower boat because of the uncertainty of the weather.  I felt I would be safer and more comfortable with the more stable boat if the weather did make a turn for the worse.  In the end the river conditions were fine for either boat.  I was able to pass a few kayaks in the water while only being passed by one person in a surf ski who ultimately finished 3rd overall.  I had a fairly smooth transition to the bike although still being a little cautious of the heat.  The bike course was two loops of a little over 8  miles each.   The weather leading up to the race made it difficult to get out and train on the bike the way I wanted.  I would have liked to have been faster in the bike leg.    In the end I finished 8th overall and 3rd in my age division.  This was the first time I had broken the top ten in this race and placed in my age division so I am proud of both of those accomplishments.