Scott…..Hartville 5k Trail Run

Hartville St. Patrick’s Day Trail Run 5K

Saturday March 11th

Quail Hollow State Park

Hartville, OH

Finish Time 23:38

2nd in 41-50 age division and 16th overall.

It was a cold and windy day at Quail Hollow State Park, but that didn’t stop over 200 runners and walkers from taking on the Hartville St. Patrick’s Day Trail Run 5K. The temperature was hovering around 5 degrees with steady winds but neither were much of a factor as the trail was protected by the thick woods that surrounded it. The course itself is primarily dirt primitive trails with a few short stretches of paved trail. There are some slight elevation changes but nothing drastic. The real challenge of this course is the winding ever changing direction of the trail and the footing. Usually this course is very muddy but this year the cold temperatures froze the mud making for very uneven and hazardous footing. It was difficult to enjoy the natural beauty of the park as you had to focus on the placement of each and every footstep to avoid possible injuries and hazards. The course winds around trees, past swamp lands, and over small snow covered wooden walkways to cross creeks before tracking back to the paved parking lot for the finish. The final part of the trail was the most hazardous. I had a runner on my back shoulder heading to the last decline of the trail before heading to the paved parking lot finish. I made the decision to be conservative and not risk injury on the small hill and the runner behind me shot right down the middle of the frozen muddy section passing me and eventually beating me by 4 seconds to win my age group. I knew slowing down would allow the runner to pass me but I didn’t want to risk sitting out the entire race season with a broken ankle. This was my first trail run race. I quickly learned trail running is much different than road races. It was a great learning experience and fun event. The race was well organized. Participants received tech shirts with a cool design and winners received custom awards made of stone and tiles.
So fresh and so clean.


Frostbite 5K Prediction Run

February 4th 2017
Munroe Falls Metro Park
Munroe Falls, Ohio

Finish time 23:24
Predicted time 23:58
Seconds off predicted time 34

Finish place 35 out of 97
Once again this race presented by the Summit Athletic Running Club lived up to its namesake. The temperature at the start of the race was 14 degrees. Little to no wind and lots of sunshine made up for the cold temperatures. This is a unique running event where runners win by finishing closest to their predicted finish times. Speed has nothing to do with winning. The course is 2 laps around the Munroe Fall Metro Park lake all on the service roads. It is a nice scenic run with some small rolling hills and flats. Nothing to extreme but enough elevation change to make things interesting. This was my third year competing in this event For the second year in a row I was faster than my predicted time. I believe I was the 8th overall runner to finish. I am perfectly fine being faster than I am predictable. All participants received blue and red candy striped arm warmers that Where’s Waldo and Dr. Seuss would really appreciate. The arm warmers were nice quality but I would have personally preferred a more neutral color. Every runner received a prize from the “Prize Table” that mostly included race incentives from previous Summit Athletic Running Club events. There was plenty of food and hot chocolate after the race to keep everyone warm while results were calculated. Participation was a little lower than the last 2 years. Hopefully next year’s race will be bigger and better than ever!.

Great New Years Eve 5K Stow, Ohio……Jerry, Josh and Scott

Josh…1st masters, time 19:06
Jerry….6th age group time , 26:30


I finished 42nd out of 400 overall and 8th in my age division.

Finish time 22:55

This was a race I was glad to be done with when I hit the finish line. Mid 30 degree temperatures with a mix of rain, snow, and gusting cold winds made for terrible running conditions. The course for this race is always challenging. The second half of the course consists of a lot of head wind and features a steep hill to climb. This is never a good course to set a PR on but certainly a fun way to end the year with one final race.

SCOTT ORLANDO……….Portage Lakes 5k

Between The Portage Lakes 5K

Saturday November 12th 2016

Portage Lakes, OH

Finish Time 23:19

17th overall

2nd in age division

200 dedicated and probably half crazy runners and walkers braved the cold
temperatures, rain, snow, and wind to compete in this year’s Between The Portage
Lakes 5K. This race certainly delivers on the promise of scenic views of the
Portage Lakes through the entire course. I doubt many runners took in the
scenery as they battled the elements. Race time temperature was 35 degrees.
Heavy rain turned to a wet snow mix just before the start. Winds were gusting
at 20 – 30 mph. The first mile of this course is fairly flat and fast. The
second mile has a slow steady incline at the beginning and a few small rolling
hills. The elevation changes aren’t severe, but running into strong headwinds
and wet snow made this part of the course much harder than normal. The third
mile features a short but very steep hill followed by a fairly flat fast section
leading to the finish. The finish times all appear slower than normal because
the course again was longer than 3.1 miles. Most runners had the course
measuring 3.3 to 3.4 miles. As in years past the awards were unique. Overall
winners received giant plaster fish. Age group winners received nautical themed
candle stick holders, wine bottle holders, and small candle lanterns. All
participants received the race’s customary mutant fish tech shirts and finisher

KEN FRANKENBERY…..Off road Worlds Tri

11-19-2016 Lake Crackenback Australia-ITU World Championship Cross Triathlon (Off road)

This trip was an off the charts adventure in every sense of the word. To represent team USA was a true honor, and loved racing against people from all over the world. Met a lot of really interesting people.
I have never had an adventure even close to this trip- it was epic. All the things I had worried about- renting a bike- long flights-driving on wrong side road-food & water were non-issue’s. Things I assumed would go smooth- were real challenges. The scenery is unique the, people are super friendly & laid back. The race Venue was the most scenic place I have ever been- only Crested Butte Colorado comes close. A 1500 meter lake swim, 30K mountain bike, and a 10 k off road run. The run was more of a adventure race ( river crossing/ boulder climbs/ mud bogs )

We had some challenges with long flight- but got through it. Had a delayed flight/ luggage misplaced and a rental car breakdown in the middle of the outback that kept me from getting to the race site till last minute. I had issues on the swim (no warm up-cold water)- a solid bike, and run was going great till I made a wrong turn on the run loop costing me a top finish. Ended up 7th. Saw Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and race site was Lake Crackenback in the mountains (ski resort in winter) a fantastic trip.