Scott Orlando & Stephanie Groseclose Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon Hinckley, OH

Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon

September 16th,2017

Hinckley, OH

2nd place relay team

Finish time 1:15:35

This was the 4th time competing in this race but the first time as a relay.  Stephanie completed the 3.5 mile run leg and I completed the 3K kayak and 15K bike legs.  Stephanie had a great run and was the fastest female runner on the course.  She was just steps behind a small group of the top male runners as she made her way to the boat house for kayak leg transition.  The first place relay team runner was the fastest runner on the course giving his team a huge 6 minute lead.  I made up 3-4 minutes on the leading relay team with a strong kayak leg using my Stellar SR Multisport Surf Ski.  This was probably my fastest time in the new boat so far.  I was able to make up a little more time on the 3 lap 15K bike course but we came up just a little short.  The first place team beat us by just under 1 minute.  Our finish time was the 5th overall fastest finish time in the race field.  The weather was perfect for the race and Cleveland Metro Parks did a very nice job organizing and hosting the race.