Fresh Start Diner Video

Watch this video from our team sponsor: Fresh Start Diner

The Fresh Start Diner in Chagrin Falls strives to give everyone a fresh feel and a great start to their day. Low key, comfortable, warm friendly atmosphere. Fresh food, tasty and reasonable.

Breakfast offers plenty of options: from omelets to corn beef hash… but their pancakes!! WOW– Just unbelievable — big, fluffy, light and delicious. Check out the Hall of Fame for the Rolla Pancake, It’s over a foot long with vanilla ice cream, fruit toppings and whipped cream.

Some of the lunch features: corned beef, real turkey off the bone, home made meatloaf and a brisket for the roast beef. The knock out burger uses 3 different cuts of beef which makes it flavorful and juicy — terrific! Delicious grilled onions. One of their most popular salads is the Sunshine Salad loaded with apples, mandrine oranges, cranberries, walnuts and blue cheese and topped with grilled chicken. Diner fries are never frozen — they start by baking fresh potatoes, slice them, finish them in the fryer. They’re awesome.

Visit the Fresh Start Diner in Chagrin Falls and in Twinsburg on the square.

Locations: Twinsburg and Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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