Matt Addessi

Matt AddessiMatt Addessi

2014 was my first triathlon season and really anything related to endurance sports, I played football and baseball through out my life and had sworn off any endurance related activity. Now I have become addicted to the process and daily training regimens, and race day has become a bonus. It seems that every time my wife becomes pregnant I decided it’s a great time to get into better shape. With our first child it was P90X, with our second it was triathlons, and triathlons are sticking around and lucky for me, so is my wife!

2018 Race Schedule:

April Fools 25/50K trail run
Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series (would like to race at least 4 of the 5)
Various other local 5K races


Race Goals:

  • Place in my Age Group
  • Become a more efficient runner
  • Have Fun

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