Twinsburg Du…..Ken Frankenbery

Twinsburg Du 6-4-2017

The main thing that keeps me racing- is that it pushes you well past anything you could do training alone. No other way to find your limits, and to push yourself well outside your comfort zone.

The race is a local 2 mile run- 10-mile bike – 2 mile run, threat of rain kept turnout low at 60 people. You would think that a short race is much easier – but the shorter races are actually harder. There is no pacing, it’s just all out from the start.

I joined Team ER members Carlo & Scott who were doing it as a relay

I ended up 12th overall, first in my age group

Scott and Carlo had a solid race, the rain held off- and Mickey did a great job on having a organized and well run event!

Ken Frankenbery