9/6/2020 Team ER Snyder’s Stair Challenge

Team ER Snyder’s Stair Challenge

This week’s Team ER challenge is the Snyder’s Stair Challenge!

Our very own Team ER member Gretchen Snyder had the idea for this challenge.

The Rules:
You must incorporate stairs into at least two of your training sessions this week.
You can choose to run, walk, or perform any type of exercise you like as long as you are doing it up and down stairs.
Once you have completed at least 2 training session that include stairs post a picture of yourself in your Team ER apparel to our Facebook page with the title: I completed Snyder’s Team ER Stair Challenge! #teamersnydersstairchallenge
You will receive 5 team points for completing the challenge and another 3 points for posting a picture. Earn 2 additional team points if you complete 3 or more training sessions that incorporate stairs.

All Team ER members that complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win Carb Boom Energy Gel and a Team ER mask.

Team ER Members Completing The Challenge And Earning 8 Points Each.

Asad Khan
Scott Orlando
Gretchen Snyder

The winner of the prize drawing for a Team ER mask and an assortment of Carb Boom Energy Gel is Asad Khan.

9/4/2020 Team ER Ab-Solution August Challenge

Team ER Ab-Solution August Challenge.

The August Team ER challenge is Hard – Core and all about the abs!
Almost every functional movement starts with the core muscles. Having a strong core is the foundation for better athletic performance. So this month is Ab-Solution August.
Challenge Rules:
  • You must complete at least one set of abdominal exercises every day for the month of August.
  • You may choose whatever abdominal exercises you like.
  • You may perform the same abdominal exercise each day or choose a variety of abdominal exercises throughout the month.
  • You decide how many repetitions of abdominal exercises you complete. Some more challenging exercises may allow you to only complete 10 repetitions per set while others might be 25 – 50 per set.
  • The longer you last in the challenge the more Team ER Points you earn.
    • August 1st – August 8th earns 2 points.
    • August 1st – August 15th earns 4 points
    • August 1st – August 22nd earns 6 points
    • August 1st – August 29th earns 8 points
    • August 1st – August 31st earns 10 points
  • Miss a day and you are out of the challenge.

Team ER Members Completing The Challenge:

Kevin Christensen completed the full challenge earning 10 points
Asad Kahn completed the full challenge earning 10 points
Mike Williams completed the full challenge earning 10 points
Jobadiah Christiansen lasted until 8-25 earning 8 points
Gretchen Snyder lasted until 8 12 earning 4 points
Scott Orlando lasted until 8-8 earning 2 points
Steve Zenar lasted until 8-8 earning 2 points

Jobadiah Christiansen is the winner of the prize drawing for a Team ER Face Mask and Assortment of Carb Boom Energy Gel.