4/24/2022 Roy Miller Glass City Marathon Toledo, Ohio


Glass City Marathon

Toledo, Ohio

Roy Miller

Finish Time:  4:58:39

Overall Place:  789th Place / 1000

Division Place:  65th Place / 76

Race Review By Roy Miller!

I came into Glass city feeling strong and ready. Unfortunately Mother nature had plans of her own.  The morning temperatures in the low 60s with higher than normal humidity.

I have told everyone it was the tale of two half marathons. The front half felt really good and smooth. I made it to the halfway point at around 1:38:00. I was still on pace for what would have been a PR and a potential BQ. That is about where it all went off the rails.

The water station between mile 13 and 14 I grabbed some water and decided to get a good drink so I walked for just a few seconds. As I was walking my body listed to the left and I almost fell over. From that point on I was dizzy and something just didn’t feel right.  This is when I decided to forget about a PR and just get through to the finish line. The temperature started to rise and as the temperature went up my paces went down. I checked and my heart rate became very erratic. Walk time! I was able to jog in small segments but by the time I got to the 23 mile mark I knew that if I did any more running I would be in serious trouble and probably headed for the med tent.

The last three miles I just walked and talked with people on the course. A lot of athletes at this point were struggling to continue. I saw several athletes with paramedics helping them out and I knew I had made the right decision to listen to my body and be able to safely get across the line.

I did officially finish in 4:58:39.  I got a great motivational push from fellow team member Kristi Gunyala as she walked with me into the stadium.

Overall not my best performance, but maybe my smartest!  On to the next one!


4/23/2022 Scott Orlando Grand River Canoe And Kayak Race Madison, Ohio


Grand River Canoe And Kayak Race

Madison, Ohio

8.5 Mile Kayak Race 14′ And Under Kayak Race

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  1:11:41

Overall Place:  6th Place / 112

Division Place:  1st Place / 25

Race Recap By Scott Orlando:

This was my first time competing in the Grand River Kayak race since 2018.  The race was cancelled in 2020 and 2019 and I was unable to compete due to injury last year.   This year’s race featured the largest race field I have ever seen there with almost 350 total paddlers.  The race conditions were fast and furious with high water levels and fast flow creating exciting class 1 and class 2 rapids throughout the course.   Previous years when I have competed in this race water levels have been low and slow with rock hazards and hang up risks the entire course forcing paddlers to really focus on the water to find the right line of safe passage.  This year with high water most obstacles were removed so paddlers could choose their line and be very aggressive or sit back and let the strong currents guide the way.   I did my best to choose lines that kept me in the fastest water.   I chose to paddle my Liquid Logic Intuit 13.5 for this race.   The Intuit 13.5 is a great river boat that can take the punishment of rocks and shallow bottoms that this river usually offers.   The river was deep enough that I felt confident using my carbon fiber wing paddle without worrying too much about damaging it from hitting rocks or the bottom.  It proved to be the right choice.   I spent a little extra time at the start zipping into the spray skirt I had already installed on my kayak.  As soon as I hit the first set of rapids I knew that this also ended up being a smart choice.  The water was crashing over the bow of my kayak on every set of rapids and without it I may have had to stop to empty my kayak of the water as I saw many paddlers pulled off onto the banks doing.   I had so much fun in the fast water hitting rapid after rapid.  I think I smiled the entire race!   The scenery of the course was beautiful.  Cliffs filled with cascading waterfalls everywhere and bald eagles soaring above.  I was shocked how quickly the race seemed to fly by.  The fast water knocked about 20 minutes off of my fastest time previously at this race.  I was happy with my result of 6th overall in the 14′ and under race and winning my age division.  All participants received t-shirts and custom finisher medals.  The finisher medals were a new addition to this year’s race swag.  The finisher medals featured a compass style design with a kayak in the middle that spins.  This finisher medal might be the nicest I have every earned at a race.  Winners received trophies with a canoe on the top.  In previous years they used beer glasses as awards.  Lake Metro Parks always does a great job with organizing this race.

4/18/2022 Kristi Gunyula, Amy Stumpf, And Christine Churpek The Boston Marathon Boston, MA


The Boston Marathon

Kristi Gunyula

Finish Time:  3:40:56

Overall Place:  13,266th Place / 24,822

Division Place:  764th Place / 1,635

Amy Stumpf

Finish Time: 3:55:55

Overall Place:  16,658th Place / 24,822

Division Place:  1,0093rd Place / 1,635

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  4:07:22

Overall Place:  18,441st Place / 24,822

Division Place:  3,449th Place / 4,717

Race Recap By Amy Stumpf:

So not the run I was hoping for as I went out too fast.  I had stomach issues that started around mile 15.  I was not able to keep fuel down which led to one of the hardest marathons I have ever run.  It was however by far the most memorable marathon I have ever ran.  . I FaceTimed my kids for that final 600 meters, and all 3 of them finished the Boston Marathon with me.  Seeing their faces, and sharing this moment with them was ALL the FEELS!

Race Recap By Christine Churpek:

My goal for the Boston Marathon was not to race it or PR or worry about my pace for even a second.  My goal was to have fun and take it all in!  I got my picture taken with Spencer the official dog of the 126th Boston Marathon.  I petted and took pictures of a few more doggos along the course.  I Found and took a selfie with a co-worker’s daughter I’ve never met before.  I took my first shot of beer, angry orchard and a Jell-O shot during a race.  I found Papa at the finish line ready to hand me my metal! I traveled with some amazing friends, made new friends and #merlethesquirrel! This was 100 percent an experience I will never forget! I could not have imagined a better 1st Boston Marathon and I cannot wait to do it again next year!

Race Recap By Kristi Gunyula:

Well it’s been a couple weeks since taking my place at the start line at Boston and I am still massively proud of the WORK I put in to get there. I tackled two full training cycles back to back and ran 3 marathons in 6 months. I spent a year grinding out the miles just for a chance to line up amongst some of the most talented runners out there. I think of all the times in training I wanted to skip my workout, sleep in, or quit. I kept going, I kept fighting and I showed up. And honestly, I’ve enjoyed the heck out of it. We all have hard days. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about not giving up. It is work ethic and a decision to continue to fight. Sometimes we see pics/posts like this and it’s easy to think that it just takes natural talent, athleticism or a certain body type and look at how it comes together perfectly. It never does and it certainly doesn’t come easily (at least not for me). I have mad respect for each and every walker, jogger or runner out there who keeps showing up. Just by lacing up your shoes and getting out there, you are doing something amazing. I am also so thankful for all of you who have supported me from my family and friends to my amazing work crew and fabulous students. It’s really hard to quit when you have so many people tracking you.  Thank you for the motivation!

4/9/2022 Steve Zenar, Nancy Wardell, And Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford The Black Squirrel 5K Kent, Ohio


The Black Squirrel 5K

Kent, Ohio

Steve Zenar

Finish Time:  26:01

Overall Place:  42nd Place / 307

Division Place:  3rd Place / 9

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  28:09

Overall Place:  68th Place / 307

Division Place:  4th Place / 29

Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford

Finish Time:  29:10

Overall Place:  85th Place / 307

Division Place:  3rd Place