10/30/2022 Nancy Wardell and Christine Churpek The Haunted Forest Marathon and Half Marathon Canal Fulton, Ohio


The Haunted Forest Marathon, Half Marathon, And 5K

Canal Fulton, Ohio


Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  4:59:50

Overall Place:  126th Place / 185

Division Place:  9th Place / 14

Half Marathon

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  1:48:20

Overall Place:  83rd Place / 552

Division Place:  5th Place / 53

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

I completed the 26.BOO Haunted Forest Marathon in Canal Fulton today and I’m very happy.  This was my first full marathon!  I accomplished my goal by finishing just a pinch under 5 hours!  My time was 4:59:50 and I placed 9th of 14 in my age group!  I can’t be more thankful for all the support from my mom being there from PA, my best friend, and a sneak attack cheerleader Ms. Cleopatra Sirnic!!  It was a successful day and even with my love of running I’m looking forward to a good nights rest!  Thanks ever for your support!

10/22/2022 Scott Orlando Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run 5K Akron, Ohio


Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run 5K

Akron, Ohio

Scott Orlando

Finish Time 22:03

Overall Place:  36th Place / 2294

Division Place:  2nd Place / 72

Race Recap by Scott Orlando

This was my fist time competing in the Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run 5K.  This race is offered each fall in several cities around the country.   Prior to the race they announced that the Akron race was the largest race field of the year so far with almost 2.300 runners and walkers participating.  The weather was very nice for a fall race with temperatures at start time in the 50’s with some fairly strong winds.  All participants were given fun orange tech hoodies that looked like pumpkin faces.  Most of the race field actually wore their participation shirts so there was orange as far as the eye could see on the course.  I missed the memo about wearing the shirt to race in so I stuck with my Team ER gear.  The course was fairly fast and runner friendly.  The start and first mile had runners on the road racing down the heart of Main Street.  I got off to a slower start then I would have liked.  There was a very strong headwind that made the first mile tough.  A quick right turn and then runners made their way to the towpath trail along the canal.  I enjoyed this part of the course.  The wind was not as much of a factor in the second and third mile.  The fall trees and canal made for nice scenery.  I was hoping to increase my pace but some recent lower back pain was causing my glutes to be extremely tight and it prevented me from running much faster then what I was.   I saw a runner just ahead of me that looked to be in my age division.  I hade hoped to be able to catch him but my glutes were just too tight to generate any power.  He finished just ahead of me and won my age division.  I finished 36th overall and 2nd in my age division with a time of 22:03.   Many runners participated in the Tough Pumpkin division which  required you to carry a pumpkin for the entire race in order to earn an additional medal.  All participants received custom medals at the finish line.  The finisher celebration included each runner taking home a pumpkin and a small cup of cider.   There was a merchandise tent with some nice stuff.  I thought of purchasing a sweatshirt , but by the end of the race they had sold out of most sizes.  They do have an online store with additional inventory.  This race was very well organized.  It was great to see such a huge race field.  I would like to see them offer more at the finisher celebration and offer awards for overall winners and age group winners.  This was a great event for families, walkers, and people looking for a less competitive race.

10/22/2022 Nancy Wardell Dover Knights of Columbus ghost Chase 5K Dover, Ohio


Dover Knights Of Columbus Ghost Chase 5K

Dover, Ohio

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  28:13

Overall Place:  16th Place

Division Place:  2nd Place

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

I completed the Dover Knights of Columbus Ghost Chase 5k in Dover this morning!  It was a great run through two cemeteries with gradual elevation changes!  I’ll be doing it again next year.  I ran the 5K with a finish time of 28:13 averaging a 9:06 minute pace and placed second in my age group earning a beautiful silver ghost and pumpkin medal!  Another great running experience!

10/16/2022 Nancy Wardell Canal Tavern Of Zoar 5K Bolivar, Ohio


Canal Tavern Of Zoar 5K

Bolivar, Ohio

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  27:42

Overall Place:  23rd Place / 81

Division Place:  1st Place / 6

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

I completed the Canal Tavern 5k in Bolivar, OH this afternoon. Nice weather for a run! Placed first in my age group with a total time of 27:42 and an 8:55 pace! Slowly getting a little faster and even ran with my husband and family today where everyone placed!  Finished with some brats and a cold brew after the race.