11/24/2022 Scott Orlando Mansfield Lexington Turkey Trot Mansfield, Ohio


Mansfield Lexington Turkey Trot 5K, 10K, And Half Marathon

Mansfield, Ohio


Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  46:51

Overall Place:  6th Place/ 45

Division Place:  1st Place / 2

Race Review By Scott Orlando:

This was my 4th time competing in the Mansfield Lexington Turkey Trot.  This was the 5th year of existence for this race which offers three distances ( 5K, 10K, and half marathon) plus a short kids fun run.  Each year the race has grown in size from the previous year.  The 5K was by far the most popular distance with almost 200 runners and walkers registered.  The 10K field included 45 participants and the half marathon had 31 participants.   The course for all of the races is a scenic out and back on the local paved bike trail which is mostly flat.   This year the race directors changed up the registration which provided some less expensive no swag , no frills options lowering the pricing for some races while increasing them for others.  It is hard to say if this strategy worked well overall.  There was an increase in the race registrations over last year with most of the growth in the 5K where the lower fee options provided the best pricing.  For me running the 10K I paid about $31 more this year for the same distance and swag over last year which was a considerable increase.  In years past a tech hoodie was included in the swag and race registration.  This year you had to pay an extra $15 if you wanted a hoodie for your swag or you could go with the new standard swag of a long sleeve t-shirt for no additional fee.  Both the hoodie and t-shirt were nice and featured the same race logo design on them.  Participants also received finisher medals.

The start of the race was delayed due to long lines at registration.  It could have been a combination of people showing up late to check in, race day registrations, and or maybe a slow check in process.  I think some people started the race late as a result but the event was chip timed so it didn’t effect any times.  I was one of the first people to register so I did not have to wait at all to check in.  I always recommend arriving to races early to help reduce any unforeseen circumstances that can stress you out or prevent you from fully physically and mentally preparing for the start line.

As for my race I wasn’t sure how I was going to do just coming off of a tough 15K just 4 days before this race.   The first mile I started off strong and was at a 7:00 minute mile pace.  I had hoped to run the entire race somewhere between 7:00 and 7:22 mile pace.  I gradually started to slow down and settled in at a 7:30 mile pace.  The 15K from 4 days earlier was definitely having an effect on my speed as I was not yet fully recovered.   At the turnaround for the 5K runners I saw many of the young fast runners fly past so I was thankful I was not competing against them.  Heading towards the 10K turnaround point I was able to see who I was now really racing against as the half marathon runners kept going straight.  I counted 7 runners ahead of me.  The top 3 runners were flying and well ahead of the field.  I thought if I increased my pace I might be able to catch a few of them.   At the last water stop I was able to pass 2 of the runners but the remaining 5 in front of me were nowhere in site.  I finished with a time of 46:51.  The five finishing in front of me all finished with an average pace of 6:53 per mile or faster which is better than I have ever run this race .  I was a little disappointed in my average pace of 7:30 per mile which I would have liked to have been more around 7:20 per mile, but my legs just didn’t have it in me still being dead from the 15K.  I finished 6th overall and 1st in my division.

As in previous years the race was well organized and fun.  After the race participants received individual pies plus there were additional food options of protein bars and bananas inside the church.  The race information did state donuts would also be available but I did not see any.  I am a sucker for a good donut so I was definitely looking for them.  The race for me was more expensive this year and bordering on the high side but you always should consider value not price.  I think I did get a lot of value for my money and it should be noted that the race is a charity event to race money to feed people in need.  I am sure I will be back next year.  The race fields have remained fairly small over the years for the 10K and half marathon.  I think they should consider eliminating the half marathon option for next year.  If they did this I think it would increase to 10K race field size and simplify the event a little for the race directors.