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Steve Zenar

In late 2013 Mike Williams, another Team ER member, convinced me to upgrade my running only regiment and give triathlons a whirl. Although I was initially very nervous I am now grateful to him for introducing me to such a fun and rewarding sport (plus getting me back into the water as I quickly realized how much I missed swimming, a sport that was a huge part of my life growing up but had faded away after high school).

Planned triathlon* races:

  • GWRT Olympic – Champ Racing
  • Monroe Falls Sprint – Champ Racing
  • Great Buckeye Race Olympic – HFP Racing
  • Kewpee Triathlon Sprint – Lima, OH YMCA
  • “Rock The Lake” Sprint – Indian Lake in Lakeview, OH
  • Rev3 Cedar Point – Half Aquabike
  • Portage Lakes Olympic – HFP Racing

*Sprinkle in Other Runs and events where possible!


  • Continue improving my biking and running speed / efficiency.
  • Help to motivate others to get involved in running / biking / swimming!
  • Have Fun! (My life Motto)

Personal Times to Best (All set in 2015):

  • 5K:   21:57
  • 13.1   1:59:53
  • Sprint  1:01:56
  • Olympic 2:35:09
  • 70.3:   6:06:35

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