10/23/2021 Steve Zenar HolloWin 5K Canton, Ohio


HalloWin 5K Trail Race

Canton, Ohio

Steve Zenar

Finish Time:  26:38

Overall Place:  34th Place / 119

Race Recap By Steve Zenar:

I ran the HalloWin 5K trail race this morning. Very nice venue and course with many in Costume for the season (I was a Team ER runner). The weather was again cold and wet but fortunately the rain stopped right before the race start. I had a decent run but I rolled my ankle about a half mile in… got back up, and worked through the irritation to finish. Certainly will need to ice and rest in the coming days as the swelling and soreness has begun. My finish time was 26:38 @8:34/mi. Placed 34th of 119 overall (no age group results available). My next race is the Triple 5 Trail Series – Race#2 at Munroe Falls Park on November 6th.

10/17/2021 Zac Tharp Columbus Half Marathon Columbus, Ohio


The Columbus Marathon and Half Marathon

Columbus, Ohio

Half Marathon

Zac Tharp

Finish Time:  2:09:01

Overall Place:  2389th Place / 4912

Division Place:  209th Place / 309

Race Recap By Zac Tharp

My wife and I ran the Nationwide Columbus half marathon yesterday. It was an amazing race, with thousands of runners, tons of fans lining the streets cheering you on (I only remember one short stretch of the race that didn’t have fans helping to cheer you on and keep running hard), and a great cause (since 2012, 10 million dollars has been raised for life saving research and care)!

The race started on time with the Columbus mayor attending, welcoming all the runners back to Columbus & all the runners were excited to be back since last years race was cancelled, two fireworks shows as it was coming light, and a great post race area with lots of snacks! The course for the half marathon had two decent hills at the 1 mile mark and 13 mile mark, but otherwise it was pretty flat.

I’m excited to announce I accomplished setting a new half marathon PR yesterday in Columbus!
I would highly recommend Team ER members to check out the Nationwide Marathon / Half Marathon in Columbus next year!

9/25/2021 Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, And Relay Akron, Ohio


Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay

Akron, Ohio

Full Marathon

Roy Miller

Finish Time:  3:37:51

Overall Place:  76th Place / 675

Division Place:   4th Place / 42

Half Marathon

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  1:52:27

Overall Place:  350th Place / 1992

Division Place:  24th Place / 114

Asad Khan

Finish Time:  1:58:10

Overall Place:  520th Place / 1992

Division Place:  41st Place / 90

Loretta Harland

Finish Time:  2:00:36

Overall Place:  601st Place / 1992

Division Place:  7th Place / 70

Kevin Christensen

Finish Time:  2:14:59

Overall Place:  1057th Place / 1992

Division Place:  57th Place / 88

Marathon Relay

Barely Breathing IV (8025)

Jobadiah Christiansen

Finish Time:  2:58:12

Overall Place:  9th Place / 426

Division Place:  4th Place / 47

Jenegades (8515)

Amy Stumpf

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  3:18:07

Overall Place:  19th Place / 426

Division Place:  2nd Place / 66

Team Name Here (8237)

Renee Buckus

Finish Time:  3:32:14

Overall Place:  37th Place / 426

Division Place:  15th Place / 247

Fantastic 5 (8085)

Asad Khan

Finish Time:  3:53:57

Overall Place:   102nd Place / 426

Division Place:  57th Place / 247

Best Team Ever (8437)

Jerry Lynch

Finish Time:  3:57:31

Overall Place:  121st Place / 426

Division Place:  68th Place / 248

Best Team Ever (8437)

Jerry Lynch

Finish Time:  3:57:31

Overall Place:  121st Place / 426

Division Place:  68th Place / 248

The Dead Presidents (8249)

Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford

Finish Time:  4:36:29

Overall Place:   304th Place / 426

Division Place:  22nd Place / 34

Cece The Dalmation (8316)

Zac Tharp

Finish Time:  4:27:04

Overall Place:  270th Place / 426

Division Place:  43rd Place / 49