Brittany Kiehl

Brittany Kiehl

Brittany Joined Team ER in November of 2022.  She resides in Copley, Ohio with her husband, Chris, and their 10 month old son.  Brittany was a mental health counselor at an elementary school for almost five years but currently is a stay at home mom.

Brittany Kiehl At The Medina Half Marathon and 5K In Medina, Ohio.

Brittany started running in 2015 after a really rough breakup and has been running ever since.  In 2016 her friends finally convinced Brittany to sign up for a 5K.  She remembers crossing the finish line wanting to immediately sign up for another race.

Since the recent birth of her son Brittany has been working on building mileage back up while focusing on improving her PR in the half marathon.

Brittany plans to run the Medina Half Marathon and several other local races in the upcoming year.

Brittany Kiehl On The Course Of The 2022 Canalway Classic Spring Peeper In Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Brittany joined Team ER to encourage others and share the message that you don’t have to be super fast to be a runner.  Brittany loves Eddy’s Bike Shop which her family has been going to ever since she was little.   Their family’s most recent purchase at Eddy’s Bike Shop was a bike trailer to pull their son.  They are really excited to be able to ride with him on the local trails.   Brittany also loves Ritchie’s Sporting Goods and how much they help the community.  Brittany says they have the best apparel and she loves the Archie The Snowman shirts and masks they sell.  If you know, you know.  She is proud to be on the team to represent these great businesses, sponsors and support the other team members.