7/10/2021 Russ Neubert, Veronica Neubert, And Scott Orlando Headwaters Adventure Triathlon Mantua, Ohio


Headwaters Adventure Triathlon

2 Mile Run, 10 Mile Bike, and 5 Mile Kayak Race

Russ Neubert

Finish Time:  1:42:44

Overall Place:  4th Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Scott Orlando


Overall Place:   8th Place

Division Place:  1st Place

Veronica Neubert

Finish Time:  1:56:32

Overall Place:  2nd Overall Female

Race Review By Scott Orlando

The Headwaters Adventure Race made its return after missing last year due to the pandemic.   The race field was very large with strong competition in every division.   The race started with a 2 mile run which was actually more like 2.4 miles.  I had a decent run and found myself about 4th among the top competitors.   After a quick transition to the bike it was off to take on the hills of Mantua and Hiram.   Just a mile or two into the bike leg some of the top people who I beat in the run spared no time catching and passing me on the bike but that was expected.    About  8 miles into the bike I came to an intersection with a left turn.  As I approached the intersection the race official demanded that I stop.  I thought that this was unusual as the intersection was blocked and secured on both sides by police vehicles.   I sat stopped asking repeatedly why I had to stop and was not given an answer.   The bikers just ahead of me were not required to stop and the official allowed 4-5 bikers to come from behind me and pass me while I was still stopped.  I finally just left and started biking.  The random stop seemed to cost me about 2 minutes of time and about 6-8 places of the bike leg.   I put it behind me and made my way to the kayak transition.    I quickly started making up time on the bikers that were allowed to pass me while I was forced to stop.    The water was shallow and fairly still with lots of seaweed.   My fast and efficient Steller SR Multisport Surfski gave me a huge advantage over other racers with much slower boats.   I was able to pass a lot of racers that had beat me to the kayak transition.   In the end I finished 8th overall and surprisingly won my age group.    It was great to see Team ER members Russ Neubert take 4th overall and win his division and Veronica Neubert finish as the 2nd overall female.   Portage Park District did a great job organizing the race.   Race swag was awesome including nice tri blend shirts, custom finisher medals for everyone, bike lights, and a few other goodies from sponsors.