8/11/2018 Loretta Harland And Scott Orlando Goodyear Half Marathon And 10K Akron, Ohio


Goodyear Half Marathon

Akron, Ohio

Loretta Harland

Goodyear Half Marathon

Finish Time:  1:58:00

Scott Orlando

Goodyear 10K

Finish Time:  47:15

Overall Place:  69/1296

Division Place:  7th place.

Race Review By Scott Orlando

The Goodyear Half Marathon and 10K is the second race in the Akron Marathon Race Series.  The race starts and finishes at the Goodyear World Headquarters in Akron, Ohio.  The race begins by completing one lap of Goodyear’s famous “Proving Grounds” track before heading out to the community roads.  Weather was a little humid but the temperatures of the early morning race start made for enjoyable running conditions.  I wasn’t crazy about the 6:30 am start time but seeing the sun rise above the early morning fog on the Proving Grounds made it worth getting out of bed at 4:00 am.  The course was flatter and faster than I would have thought for the 10K.  I started fast thinking that hills in the later miles would slow down my pace.  The hills did not feel as bad as they looked on the course elevation chart.  I did slow down some but not as much as I thought I would which was a little surprising.  My goal was to finish the race under 50 minutes so I was very happy with my 47:15 time.  Racers were greeted at the finish custom finisher medals, Swenson’s hamburgers, ice cream sandwiches, and a selection of craft beers.  Usually the thought of eating a hamburger at 8:00 am would make my stomach churn, but after this run I was ready for a Galley Boy!  The race was very well organized and a lot of fun.  I highly recommend this race be on your calendar next year!


8/5/2018 Scott Orlando Pittsburgh Paddle Sports Championships Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh Paddle Sports Championships

Pittsburgh, PA

6 mile Canoe, Kayak, and Paddle Board Race

Scott Orlando

Men’s Touring Composite Class

Finish Time:  59:26

Finish Place:  15th Overall

Division Place:  5th Place

Race Review By Scott Orlando

The Pittsburgh Paddle Sports Championships was a new event this year added to the weekend long celebration of the Three Rivers known as the Pittsburgh Regatta River Festival.  The Pittsburgh Regatta is one of the largest in the country with a weekend full of river and land events drawing hundreds of thousands of people  all centered around Point Park and the Three Rivers area.  For a new race I must say it was very well organized by the fine people at Performance Kayak and the American Heart Association.  The race course consisted of 2 loops around the Three Rivers area.  The course was challenging with up river and down river sections but might just be the best river course I have ever raced.  Feeding off of the energy of the spectators at Point Park was a real pick up after a tough up river stretch.  We even paddled directly past a decommissioned submarine!  What I liked about the course besides the scenic views everywhere was that you could see the entire course and field of racers.  Often on river races all the participants spread out early and you spend a lot of time alone on the river.  This course was wide open making you feel like you were part of something great and not out there alone.  The entire race course was closed to power boat traffic and patrolled by the coast guard and police keeping the waters smooth and all of us out there very safe. I raced my Stellar S16 Multisport touring kayak.  Racers came from all over PA, OH, VI, and NC many of which used the race as a tune up for next weekend’s National Championships.  I finished 15th overall beating several longer faster surf skis.  Any time you can beat the surf skis in a shorter touring kayak is a good day.  I finished 5th in the composite touring kayak division.  3 of the top finishers in the division did have surf skis so I am left a little confused on the classes and boat definitions.  I can only conclude that they either combined composite boats into one division or the specific surf skis used did somehow classify as touring kayaks.  Either way I am not complaining as this race probably rates in my top 3 all time kayaking experiences.  The huge extra bonus for me is that I actually won the raffle of a brand new Stellar S16 Sport Fiberglass Kayak!  Thank you to Performance Kayak, Stellar Kayaks, and the American Cancer Society for donating the kayak and all of their time and effort putting on this amazing event!

8/4/2018 Matt Addessi Ohio State Time Trial Championships


Ohio State Time Trial Championships

West Salem, OH

Matt Addessi

Category 5

40K Bike Time Trial

Category 5

Finish Time:  57:20

Finish Place:  First Place

Race Recap By Matt Addessi

The race organizers did a great job with this race.  While it was not closed to traffic (I was passed by a total of 3 cars)they did have 3 or 4 motorcycles out patrolling the course, police at the intersections giving the riders the right of way, and the pavement was super smooth. The worst thing I encountered were the horse road apples!! Really happy with my pacing!  I even split the front and back for the win by 41 seconds. I dug really deep as this was my A race.  Since December of last year I have been focusing on this!  Really happy to have made and accomplished the goal and now I get wear the State TT Champion jersey!  Also awesome that Boom Nutrition was a sponsor! Good day to go fast on a bike!

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7/28/2018 Scott Orlando Ohio Canoe and Kayak State Championships


Ohio Canoe And Kayak State Championships

5 Mile Kayak Race

Fairport Harbor, Ohio

Scott Orlando

Racing Class:   Rec / Touring Long Boat

Finish Time:  58:01

Finish Place: First Place

Race Review by Scott Orlando

The Ohio State Championships bring out some very fast competition for canoes and kayaks alike.  Paddle board divisions have also been added to the race.  There are two races offered at the State Championships which are a long race of 10 miles and a short race of 5 miles.  The short race is often more popular.  There are always several racers that opt to compete in both races.  Boats race in classes based on size, construction material, and design to keep things fair.  This year I chose to race my Stellar S16 Multisport in the Rec / Touring Long Boat Class.  The race is an up river – down river out and back course on the Grand River in Fairport Harbor.  Race conditions were much better than last year with a light breeze and just a little chop in the water.  I competed in a class against a strong paddler that I race often but have never beaten in any kayak race or adventure triathlon.  As the race started we settled in quickly.  My start was a little slow as my GPS watch didn’t start so I stopped paddling to reset it.  I paddled hard to catch up to the pack and made up for my lost time.  I realized this race class would come down to myself or the guy who always beats me.  I got right behind him in a drafting position and stayed on his stern for the first few miles.  After about 2 miles he leaned back and told me that he went out too fast and to pass him.   I made my move and got in front of him.  I pushed hard to gain some separation as I knew he would work hard to stay with me.  Several times he has come from behind me close to the end of a race to beat me so I knew I couldn’t let up.  There was a heavy current at the turnaround buoy and several boats actually cut the turn too tight and got hung up on it or missed it completely.  I had an excellent turn and was glad to have the current now working with me instead of against me.  I caught the faster water and increased my paddle tempo.  Not knowing how far ahead I was I kept working pushing harder with every paddle stroke until I crossed the finish.  I had finally beaten him and won my division at the State Championships.  I won by less then 2 minutes.  It was an amazing race.