10/2/2020 Team ER Century September Challenge

  • The September Team ER challenge was all about 100! The goal was to complete 100 miles of activity!

The Rules:

Complete 100 miles of activity between September 1st and September 30th.
Choose one activity or multiple activities to complete your 100 miles.  For example walk 100 miles, run 50 miles and bike 50 miles, walk 25 miles, run 25 miles, bike 25 miles and paddle 25 miles. Any single activity or combination works!
Team ER Members Completing The Challenge:
Kevin Christensen 103 Total Miles
Jobadiah Christiansen 445 Total Miles
Christine Churpek 188 Total Miles
Ken Frankenbery 435 Total Miles
Loretta Harland 109 Total Miles
Asad Khan 270 Total Miles
Roy Miller 160 Total Miles
Scott Orlando 122 Total Miles
Gretchen Snyder 110 Total Miles
Amy Stumpf 180 Total Miles
Mike Williams 107 Total Miles
Steve Zenar 126 Total Miles