2/25/23 Kristi Gunyula and Scott Orlando Chili Bowl Classic 5K Cleveland, Ohio


Chili Bowl Classic 5K

Cleveland, Ohio

Kristi Gunyula

Finish Time 22:08

Overall Place:  35th Place / 519

Gender Place:  3rd Overall Female

Division Place:  1st Place / 47

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  24:38

Overall Place:  83rd Place / 519

Division Place:  7th Place / 20

Race Recap By Scott Orlando:

This was my first time competing in the 36th annual Chili Bowl Classic 5K in Cleveland, Ohio.  The race was put on by Hermes Road Racing and hosted at the Hofbrauhaus in Cleveland.  The morning started with a white knuckle drive into Cleveland.  Ice covered roads would quickly become the theme of the race.  There was plenty of easy to find paid parking near the Hofbrauhaus.  Registration and pre race gathering took place inside the Hofbrauhaus.  Once inside registration was fast and efficient.  Pre race festivities included breakfast specials and the polka band was already playing to get runner pumped up.  It was a nice pre race staging area with plenty of bathrooms and a large open space to accommodate the gathering of runners trying to stay warm as they prepared for the race.

The race start and finish line was just outside the doors of the Hofbrauhaus.   As I began to warm up running up and down the street near the start I quickly realized that the roads of the course were covered in a sheet of ice.   Typically I tend to overthink races and fill my car with clothing and shoe options.  I never considered the potential for ice covered roads in my race planning and left my trail running shoes and Yak Tracks at home.  The only running shoes I brought with me were my standard road running shoes.  The more I warmed up the more I slipped on the ice.  My shoes had no traction at all.  As the race began I tried to get a quick start to find some running room in the crowded race field of over 500 participants.  The faster I tried to run the more I slipped on the ice which covered most of the road.  About a half mile into the race I decided out of an abundance of caution to stop racing and just run meaning I slowed down out of a race pace and just cruised the rest of the race.   There were stretches of road where the ice had melted in the sun which made a wet slushy mix to run in.  I saw many runners use the strategy of trying to speed up on the slushy parts where footing was better and slow down on the ice covered parts.   I think this strategy worked well for many runners including Team ER member Kristi Gunyula who was the 3rd overall female finisher and winner of her age division.  I finished with a time of 24:38 and placed 7th in my age division.  Not the outcome I had hoped for but as much as I was slipping I felt it best to slow down to reduce the risk of injury and live to run another day.  In the end it was the right decision.  The course itself was basically a large rectangle with just a few turns and was mostly flat.  I would like to try this course again under better running conditions.

After the race runners were treated to a chili cook off provided by local police and fire stations.  There were several styles of chili from mild to wild.  The Hofbrauhaus quickly filled with runners eating chili, drinking beer, and listening to the polka band play.  We tried for over 90 minutes to get a beer but eventually gave up.  They would not serve food or beer from the bar only from seated tables.  We eventually got a place at a table and asked the server 4 times to take our order but for some reason she would not serve us.  Seems almost sacrilegious to go to a Hofbrauhaus and not have a beer.  We tried but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Runners left with long sleeve t-shirts, race logoed mugs, chili shaped stress balls, and age group winners earned logoed wooden spoons.  All and all it was a really nice well organized event.  I wish the running conditions had been better or I had planned better and brought better shoe options.  This is a race I would certainly register for again.

2/19/2023 Lisa Keane Mandel JCC Indoor Triathlon Beachwood, Ohio


Mandel JCC Indoor Triathlon

Lisa Keane

Swim:  600 Meter (.372 Miles)

Bike:  16,898 Meters (10.499 Miles)

Run:  3733.24 Meters (2.319 Miles)

Total Distance:  21,1231.31 Meters (13.192 Miles)

Overall Place:  26th Place / 70

Female Place:  9th Place /29

Race Review By Lisa Keane:

This event was so much fun! The facility was beautiful & they were super organized with tons of friendly volunteers to help make for smooth transitions. I can’t wait to do this one again!


2/11/2023 Brad Hain, Nancy Wardell, Gretchen Snyder, Scott Orlando, Mike Williams, and Steve Zenar Frostbite 5K Prediction Race Munroe Falls, Ohio


The Frostbite 5K Prediction Race

Munroe Falls, Ohio

Winners determined by finishing closest to their predicted time.

Brad Hain

Predicted Time:  27:10

Actual Time:  26:57

Overall Place:  4th Place

Nancy Wardell

Predicted Time:  30;53

Actual Time:  31:10

Overall Place:  6th Place

Gretchen Snyder

Predicted Time:  28:00

Actual Time:  27:21

Overall Place:  9th Place

Scott Orlando

Predicted Time:  24:15

Actual Time:  21:50

Overall Place:  35th Place

Mike Williams

Predicted Time:  27:15

Actual Time:  23:20

Overall Place:  52nd Place

Steve Zenar

Predicted Time:  26:24

Actual Time:  24:20

Overall Place:  76th Place

Race Recap By Scott Orlando:

It was a beautiful day for racing at SARC’s Frostbite 5K Prediction Race in Munroe Falls, Ohio.   The rules of the race are simple. Submit your predicted finish time during registration, no watches, timing devices, or pacing devices, run the 5K course, the finishers closest to their predicted time when the prizes.  I have competed in this race several times so my strategy in determining my predicted time was to take an average of my previous finish times.  I wanted to run at a pace slower than my normal 5K race pace but fast enough to get something out of the race.  I went with 24:15 as my predicted time which was a 7:50 mile pace.  Race day weather was unusually pleasant with just a mild breeze and temps in the 30’s.  Typically this race features very cold temps, strong winds, and ice covered roads.  The mild (for February) weather conditions made for a little larger race field than the last few years with many last minute registrations.   I was ready and excited for this my first race of 2023.  The gun sounded and I was off to a fast start which was my plan.   I was feeling good and happy to be racing.   I was immediately one of the faster runners with just 3-4 runners in front of me.  I knew I was running faster than my predicted pace but not knowing how fast I was going I just ran by feel.  I didn’t feel like I was pressing too hard but had know idea of my pace.   After the first lap of the two lap scenic course around the lake I could tell I was the 5th fastest runner in the field.   Knowing I was probably running too fast for my predicted time I slowed down on the hilly section of the course and tried to slow down even more the last quarter mile or so heading into the finish.  I was surprised to see my finish time of 21:50.  I was much too fast for trying to match my predicted time.

I think my strategy failed because I did not take into consideration the favorable race conditions this year compared to the usually horrible running conditions that slowed my times in previous years.  In any event, I really enjoyed the run and had a lot of fun.  I was over two minutes faster than my predicted time which placed me 35th overall in the results.   It was great to see three of our Team ER members placing in the top nine.  There where six of us there competing with all of us finishing faster than our predicted times.

Summit Athletic Runner’s Club, Josh Ritchie, Ritchie’s Sporting Goods, Mickey Ryzmek, North Coast Multisports, Jim Chaney, and all of the volunteers did a great job putting on a terrific event.  All runners received soft crewneck sweatshirts which were a throwback to one of the early years of the race.

I always enjoy running this race because of the unique format.  Predicting your finish time is not as easy as you would think and can be a nice change from the typical race format.