6/24/2023 Kristi Gunyula, Roy Miller, Scott Orlando, Veronica Neubert, Asad Khan, Christine Churpek, Mike Williams, Laura Fairfax, Brad Hain, Nancy Wardell, And Russ Neubert National Interstate 8K Akron, Ohio


Akron Marathon Race Series National Interstate 8K

Akron, Ohio

Kristi Gunyula

Finish Time:  35:14

Overall Place:  53rd Place / 1231

Division Place:  3rd Place Female Masters

Roy Miller

Finish Time:  36:16

Overall Place:  71st Place / 1231

Division Place:  10th place / 50

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  37:05

Overall Place:  84th Place / 1231

Division Place:  5th Place / 53

Veronica Neubert

Finish Time:  39:00

Overall Place:  139th place / 1231

Division Place:  4th Place / 112

Asad Khan

Finish Time:  41:20

Overall Place:  223rd Place / 1231

Division Place:  14th Place / 53

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  40:22

Overall Place:  183rd Place / 1231

Division Place:  7th Place / 112

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  42:44

Overall Place:  274th Place / 1231

Division Place:  17th Place / 53

Laura Fairfax

Finish Time:  43:04

Overall Place:  287th Place / 1231

Division Place:  15th Place / 106

Brad Hain

Finish Time:  55:51

Overall Place:  822nd Place / 1231

Division Place:  17th Place / 23

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  58:54

Overall Place:  906th Place / 1231

Division Place:  77th Place / 106

Russ Neubert

Biked along the course supporting Team ER members

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

I ran the National Interstate 8K this morning in Akron with a large group of teammates from Team-ER!  It was great to see everyone this morning and meet some new members! I finished under an hour and was way to excited for the free chicken sandwich at the end!

Race Recap By Scott Orlando

This was only my second time running the National Interstate 8K.  The first time I ran the race was in 2019.  I typically head to PA for a triathlon the same weekend of this race but family obligations kept me racing local this year.

In 2019 the race started outside the University Of Akron Football Stadium and ended inside the stadium sprinting down the field with the finish near the end zone.  The post race celebration featured a craft beer festival inside the stadium.  Use of the stadium hasn’t been an option for the race organizers the last few years so now the start line is on the corner of Spicer Street  And Vine Street with the finish near the corner of Wolf Ledges Parkway and Carroll Street.  Late Registration and packet pickup was held at the James A Rhodes Arena which is located somewhat in between the start and finish area.  There was plenty of parking available in the nearby university parking lots at no charge.  I chose to park closer to the finish line.  It was a 14 minute walk to the start area.

After a Team ER pre race picture it was off to the start line.  Weather was favorable with temperatures in the 60’s but high humidity made it feel much warmer.  My plan going into the race was to take advantage of the downhill sections increasing my pace and then be more conservative on the uphill sections.  My goal was to finish under 38 minutes.  Studying the course elevation chart had me a little nervous about the hills.  The race started and I pushed the pace in the first mile which featured some long downhill sections.  My first mile split was 6:57.  I was pretty happy with how I was feeling.  I was running loose and felt good but knew the hills would be on the way soon.  I stuck with my plan slowing down a bit up the hills and increasing pace on the downhill sections.  The strategy seemed to be working well.  Each mile I lost a little overall pace per mile but I was still on target to hit my goal.  The last mile of the course featured more uphill than downhill parts of the course.  By the 4th mile I was really feeling the humidity.  I could have used a hydration station heading into the last mile but there were only two on the course with the last one being before the mile 3 marker.  A quick right turn at the end of the 4th mile and the finish line was right on top of me.  I made a quick last sprint to the finish and was pleased to see I achieved my goal with a finish time of 37:05.  This was 30 seconds faster than my pervious time back in 2019.  It was great to see so many Team ER members at the race as well as so many other running friends.

The finisher festival was located between the start and finish but closer to the finish.  It featured live bands, food trucks, and beer stations.   Runners received finisher medals, water, Lemon Lime Prime, pretzels, and bananas as they made their way through the finish line area towards the finisher festival.  Each runner received 2 beer tickets and a food ticket to be used for the food trucks.  I went with a donut for my food choice.  All racers received t-shirts, finisher medals, and drawstring bags

Akron Marathon did an amazing job organizing the race.  Their races are truly some of the best in the area.   That being said I wouldn’t mind a few tweaks to the race experience.  I would prefer to receive a tech shirt rather than a t-shirt.  I know many runners have so many tech shirts and like the t-shirts but I just prefer tech shirts.  The drawstring bags given to everyone have a hospital sponsor logo on them and I would love to also see them have a race logo as well.  Registration was fast and simple but I would have liked to have seen a small expo or some race merchandise for sale.  Akron Marathon Race Series usually has vintage race swag they sell at an annual sale and at the marathon. They also just rolled out new race merchandise for this season.  It might have been cool to have the opportunity to shop for some of these items at registration or at the finisher festival.  I am never a huge fan of racers that start and finish at different locations.  I would prefer they be closer to each other or at the same location.  Race day photos have been made available for sale.  Often races allow you to download low resolution photos for free or one photo for free.  The photos are great but fairly expensive.   I would love to see them make at least one picture download free.  Lastly I think they should have a hydration station every mile or add one additional station at mile 4.  This would be particularly helpful for slower runners who have been on the course longer and for hot humid race days.   In all it was an amazing race experience and I look forward to the next Akron Marathon Race Series event.


6/17/2023 Lisa Keane Bighorn Trail Race Dayton, Wyoming


Bighorn Trail Race

Dayton, Wyoming

32 Mile Trail Race

Lisa Keane

Finish Time:  10:57:47

Overall Place:  233rd Place / 242

Division Place: 15th Place / 16

Race Recap By Lisa Keane:

This race! Sky, mountains, flowers, boulders, & wildlife for miles. We even saw a moose across a valley! But don’t forget to keep your eyes on the trail because it is also the most technical course I have ever run! 32 miles of mud, rocks, hills, streams, and more mud!  Great aid stations, finisher awards, and after party! Worth the trip!

6/17/2023 Nancy Wardell Atwood Lake 5K Trail Race Mineral City, Ohio


Atwood Lake 5K Trail Race

Mineral City, Ohio

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  1:02:21

Overall Place:  3rd Place / 4

Division Place:  3rd Place Overall Female

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell

Another last minute 5k signup this morning! I ran the Atwood 5k trail race this morning in Mineral City, Ohio and it was nothing but twists and turns, mud, and hills, hills, hills!   The course ended up being about 4 1/2 miles long according to several peoples’ watches, but I made it to the finish line! My time was at 1:02:21 and I ended up being the 3rd female overall basically because of low attendance as most people signed up for the 10 miler! It was definitely an adventure.  I’m hoping to do the 10 miler next year! All they had were 10 miler shirts and medals so that’s what they gave me and I was happy with it! this was my first time running with ankle timer and wearing my salute to service gear!

6/11/2023 Scott Orlando, Steve Zenar, Veronica Neubert, Mike Williams, Lisa Keane, And Nancy Wardell Twinsburg Duathlon Twinsburg, Ohio


Twinsburg Duathlon

Twinsburg, Ohio

2 Mile Run, 10 Mile Bike, 2 Mile Run Race

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  1:08:11

Overall Place:  27th Place / 92

Division Place:  2nd Place / 13

Steve Zenar

Finish Time:  109:25

Overall Place:  28th Place / 92

Division Place:  7th Place / 14

Veronica Neubert

Finish Time:  109:58

Overall Place:  31st Place / 92

Division Place: 1st Place / 8

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  1:10:08

Overall Place:  32nd Place / 92

Division Place:  4th Place / 13

Lisa Keane

Finish Time:  1:36:21

Overall Place:  81st Place / 92

Division Place:  7th Place / 8

This was  Lisa Keane’s first duathlon event.

Nancy Wardell

Race volunteer

Race Review By Scott Orlando:

The last time I competed in the Twinsburg Duathlon was in 2018.  Calf injuries prevented me from competing but I still supported the race and teammates by volunteering when I could not compete.  This year I once again had a slight calf strain but luckily was able to work through it and made it to the start line.  I had to take 2 weeks off running to let it recover which left me only about 7 days to get back to running.  I had been training on the bike during my time off running which helped keep my fitness level in check but wasn’t able to run much or work on speed.  So I was excited to finally make it back to the start line of this race but had lots of questions about how my calf would hold up and what kind of shape I would be in.

The weather conditions for the race were very pleasant with no rain, lower humidity, and mild temperatures in the 60’s.  My goals for the race were to make it to the finish in 1 piece, and take home a bobble head age group trophy.  Their were some faster competitors in my division so I knew I had my work cut out for me.  The race field was a little smaller than previous years but that didn’t mean it was any slower.   The gun went off and we started on the first run.  I was surprised to find myself running at ease at a fairly faster pace than I had expected.  At the first mile marker I was just under a 7 minute pace.  The second mile I slowed down some as I made my way through the hilly section of the course.  I finished the first run feeling strong and happy with my split.  My transition to the bike wasn’t blistering but I had no issues and headed to the bike course.  The first 3 miles of this bike course always seem to eat me up.  I started out very slow pressing for any speed up the hills and inclines.  I was passed by several bikes which discouraged me.  About mile 4 I got my legs back and started picking up pace regaining the lead on a few bikes that had passed me earlier.   The 7th mile of the bike course was a long steady hill.  It again took my speed away but this time I was better at keeping pace with the other bikes.  Another trip into transition and it was back onto the run course.  The second run was where I wasn’t sure if my calf would hold.  My legs felt pretty good and it took less time than I had thought it would to settle into the run.  I quickly caught a few racers who passed me at the end of the bike leg.  My split time for the first mile of the second run was only about 15 seconds off of the pace of the first mile in my first run so that motivated me to push hard.  The hills in the second mile again slowed me down a little but I was able to recover fast and pick up the pace again for the last half mile.  The last half mile there wasn’t anyone pushing hard behind me and I couldn’t see anyone in front of me close enough to challenge but I ran hard to the finish like there was.  I was really happy my calf had no issue and I made it to the finish in one piece.  I finished 2nd in my division with a time of 1:08:11 and 27th overall.  I was about a minute slower than when I had last raced in 2018.  My run splits were actually faster than in 2018 but my bike time was slower.  Looks like I need to focus a little more on the bike for my next race.

Mickey Rzymek, North Coast Multisports, and all of the volunteers did and outstanding job.  Race swag included 1/4 zip tech shirts and goodie bags with sponsor items.  Age group winners received the famed bobble head trophies which I has excited to receive.  There were a ton of snacks as well.   It was a great day of racing with several of our Team ER members including Steve Zenar, Veronica Neubert, who won her division, Mike Williams, and Lisa Keane who completed her first duathlon.  Nancy Wardell was also at the race working hard as a volunteer.

Race Recap By Lisa Keane:

This was my 1st Duathlon!  I was very intimidated but the race was very well organized and they had coaches at packet pick up who gave a brief overview, helpful tips, and answered questions. The course was challenging with a few good hills. The roads were open but police were present to help direct the traffic.


6/10/2023 Nancy Wardell Strawberry Festival 5K Bolivar, Ohio


Strawberry Festival 5K

Bolivar, Ohio

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  32:34

Overall Place:  63rd Place / 103

Division Place:  1st Place / 3

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

I did the Annual Bolivar Strawberry Festival 5k this morning and it was a beautiful day for a run! It was a last minute decision to register.  I came in at a total time of 32:34 and can’t tell you if I placed or not yet because there were so many last minute registrations that the host said they would be calling us later to pick up awards! It felt good to stretch my legs for the first time in a few months though! The results were finally posted and I was excited to see that I won my division!