8/27/2023 Veronica Neubert, Nancy Wardell, And Russ Neubert Kylie Rose’s Run 5K Copley, Ohio


Kylie Rose’s Run 5K

Copley, Ohio

Veronica Neubert

Finish Time:  24:00

Overall Place:  27th Place / 156

Division Place:  1st Place / 24

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  30:33

Overall Place:  80th Place / 156

Division Place:  4th Place / 16

Russ Neubert was on the course providing support and encouragement to Team ER members.

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

Great evening run at the Kylie Rose 5k in Copley, OH today! It was as a hot one, but loved the course and the cause! I placed 4th in my age group and improved my pace since my knee and back issues! I finished at 30:33 with a pace of 9:50 and still had energy to sprint to the finish line when another runner tried to pass me.  I beat her and we laughed and high fived at the finish line!  Great run in the books!  It was great to see Mickey Rzymek, Veronica Judith, and I even met Kylie Rose!

8/20/2023 Scott Orlando Miamisburg Triathlon Miamisburg, Ohio


Miamisburg Triathlon

2.5 Mile Kayak, 5K Run, and 10 Mile Bike Race

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  1:17:51

Overall Place:  2nd Place / 34

Race Recap By Scott Orlando

This was my second time competing in the Miamisburg Triathlon.  Last year was the first time I ever competed in this race.  I learned a lot about how to navigate the course and hoped to utilize that experience to improve on my 2nd place overall finish.   Weather conditions were very favorable with temperatures in the high 60’s with low humidity and low winds.  The solo competitor race field was fairly small with most participants choosing the 2 person team division.  I knew going into the race that the winner from last year would be racing again this year.  He is a stronger biker than I am, but I am a faster paddler and runner.  My strategy was to try to get enough of a lead on him in the kayak and run legs that I might be able to hold him off in the bike leg.

The race started off well for me.  The gun went off and it quickly became a two person race.  I immediately sprinted to the front wanting to send a message that I was there to win.  Last year’s winner chose to stay close behind me drafting off of my wake which was a smart strategy.  At times he moved up close to the side of my kayak but I was able to regain the lead and was first to the kayak / run transition area.  One change I made from last year was to not change out of paddling shoes into running shoes.  Instead for the first time in a race I kayaked in running shoes.  To accomplish this I used my Stellar S18S Multi Sport surfski.  I have a faster longer Stellar SR Multi Sport but the foot board is too narrow for me to paddle it wearing running shoes.  The strategy seemed to work well as I had and extremely fast transition to the run.  The downside to this strategy was running in wet shoes.  It was an issue for about the first half mile but then most of the water had drained out and I was good to go.

My run was a little slower than last year especially the first mile as I caught my breath from the kayak leg.  Each mile I got a little more comfortable and faster.  By middle of the 2nd mile I had built up a decent lead on last year’s winner. Heading into the bike transition area is where I started to have issues and lose time.   At the end of the run I heading into bike transition I asked the security worker which way to enter the transition area.  He pointed me down a shoot leading to the finish line.  As I approached the finish line the timing officials yelled that I went the wrong way into transition.  I had to stop, turnaround and run back down the shoot and to the other transition timing mat area costing me valuable seconds.  Apparently racers entered and exited the transition area in the same place which was a change from last year.  As I left the transition area on my bike I was blocked from entering the street by 2 men not associated with the race out on there own bike ride.  They for some reason stopped on the sidewalk right in front of the transition area blocking it.  This cost me more seconds.  I was finally on my way.  As I headed down the street I heard a group of people yelling “You are going the wrong way!”  Again I was forced to stop and I started to turn around when they began shouting that they were yelling at the to men biking on there own who began to head down the bike trail that was closed for the race.  This delay again cost me more time and now I was getting pretty frustrated.  I don’t have much experience being the overall leader of a race field but I suppose these kind of issues can occur in that situation.

By now I had lost minutes and was trying to crank out the miles as hard as I could.   I was 3.5 miles into the bike ride and hitting 23 miles an hour when just in front of me a green truck driven by an older man  pulled out into traffic turning left.  I slammed on my breaks, my back wheel skidded going sideways and my hands ended up on the side of his truck.  Besides almost killing me, I again lost a lot of time.   Last year’s winner took advantage of my bike course hang ups and at mile 6 he passed me.  I tried to keep up with him but he was much stronger on the bike than I was.  Fearing other faster bikers would also catch me I continued to push hard to the finish.  The winner beat me by just 33 seconds.  I was happy to finish second overall but a little disappointed the race got away from me with the bike issues.  The good news was I beat my time from last year by almost 90 seconds.   When I returned to the finish area it was good to see the race directors had repositioned cones at the run / bike transition so that other participants did not make the same mistake I did of running to the wrong transition area entrance.

The race was well organized by Miamisburg Park And Recreation Department and Speedy-Feet.  Their were lots of volunteers which I always appreciate.  Participants received nice t-shirts and finisher medals.  Post race snacks included fresh bread products from a local bakery, chocolate milk, and Cliff Gel samples.  They only thing I would like to see done differently is for the race to offer awards.  There are no awards presented for overall winner or division winners.  The course is fast and flat and great for beginners looking to get into multi sport racing.  I look forward to doing this race again next year.

7/19/2023 Veronica Neubert, Christine Churpek, Renee Buckus, And Russ Neubert PorchRokr 5K Akron, Ohio


PorchRokr 5K

Akron, Ohio

Veronica Neubert

Finish Time:  22:53

Overall Place:  66th Place / 416

Division Place 1st Place / 28

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  47:38

Overall Place:  371st Place / 416

Division Place:  24th Place / 28

Renee Buckus

Finish Time:  47:38

Overall Place:  372nd Place / 417

Division Place:  25th Place / 27

Russ Neubert was on location providing bike support and cheering on our Team ER members competing.

7/18/2023 Lisa Keane, Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford, And Josh Keane Down And Dirty 5 Miler Peninsula, Ohio


Down And Dirty 5 Miler

Peninsula, Ohio

Lisa Keane

Finish Time:  55:19

Overall Place:  78th Place / 135

Division Place:  3rd Place / 11

Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford

Finish Time:  57:57

Overall Place:  95th Place / 135

Division Place:  5th Place / 11

Josh Keane

Finish Time:  1:00:48

Overall Place:  106th Place / 135

Division Place:  8th Place / 10

Race Recap By Lisa Keane:

this was my first time running this race and I loved it! Technical start with lots of fun roots and switchbacks followed by a long hill climb and settling into a level finish. Trail running is my favorite and this one had lots of pretty pines and a picturesque pond!  I finished 3rd place in my age group.  I was working through an injury so placing in my division was a welcome surprise! I will definitely be back to this race!

8/12/2023 Christine Churpek, Holly Sholtis, Kristi Gunyula, Roy Miller, Asad Khan, Mike Williams, And Brad Hain Goodyear, Half Marathon, And 10K Akron, Ohio


The Akron Marathon Race Series Goodyear Half Marathon And 10K

Akron, Ohio

Half Marathon

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  1:50:29

Overall Place:  175th Place / 801

Division Place:  4th Place / 53

Holly Sholtis

Finish Time:  2:04:56

Overall Place:  359th Place / 801

Division Place:  21st Place / 46


Kristi Gunyula

Finish Time:  44:15

Overall Place:  39th Place / 1054

Division Place:  2nd Place Female Masters

Roy Miller

Finish Time:  49:39

Overall Place:  113th Place / 1054

Division Place:  11th Place / 41

Asad Khan

Finish Time:  50:40

Overall Place:  128th Place / 1054

Division Place:  8th Place / 38

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  55:52

Overall Place:  243rd Place / 1054

Division Place:  13th Place / 38

Brad Hain

Finish Time:  1:10:55

Overall Place:  658th Place / 1054

Division Place:  16th Place / 24

8/9/2023 Scott Orlando Palmetto Dunes Turtle Trot 5K Hilton Head, SC


Palmetto Dunes Turtle Trot 5K

Hilton Head, SC

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  22:29

Overall Place:  11th Place / 160

Division Place:  1st Place / 9

Race Recap By Scott Orlando:

This was my 4th time competing in the Turtle Trot 5K held in the Palmetto Dunes plantation of Hilton Head, SC.  Competing in this race has become a vacation tradition for me.  How often do you get to run on a flat compacted sand beach let alone race on one?  Heat, humidity, and wind are always factors at this race but elevation never is.  The race is offered every Wednesday in Palmetto Dunes during the summer season .  There are usually 300-600 participants each week.  My race had a smaller field of 160 participants which was probably due to the lateness of the summer vacation season.  The race benefits turtle conservation and protection organizations on the island so it is a great cause.

The morning of the race temperatures were in the high 80’s with high humidity that made it feel like the high 90’s.  The course is split in thirds with two turnaround points.  Runners are required to hydrate while crossing the mid point of the race.  Runners not hydrating can be disqualified.

I got off to a fast start finishing the first mile in about 7 minutes.  There were a lot of fast young runners in the field.  Mile 2 the heat and sun started to slow me down.  My pace slowed but so did many other runners ahead of me that I was able to pass.  The last mile I slowed down a little more in the first half but then was able to pick it back up again for a strong finish.  The last 100 meters I was lucky enough to run with a very young golden doodle puppy who broke loose from his owner and decided to chase me.  We ran side by side through the finish line where his owners finally regained control of him.  They apologized several times but I explained to them what a dog lover I am and loved having the puppy run with me.  I even took a picture with the puppy after the race.  I finished the race in 22:29 which was over a minute faster than last year.  I was 11th overall on 1st in my age division.  There are no awards at this race.

The race was well organized by Hilton Head Running Company.  All participants received nice t-shirts and lots of water at the finish.   Lots of families participate in the race as well as many walkers.  The race has a little bit for everyone and is a great vacation activity I highly recommend when visiting Hilton Head during the summer.

8/10/2023 Nancy Wardell Bill Heideman 2 Mile Race Barberton, Ohio


Bill Heideman 2 Mile Cross Country Race

Finish Time 24:36

Overall Place:  96th Place / 100

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell

I completed the Bill Heideman 2 mile race in Barberton, Ohio this evening! It was a very busy event with a 5k, 2 mile, and 1 mile running option to encourage and promote the cross country season, so there were A LOT OF YOUNG PEOPLE RUNNING!  It was held by the Summit Athletic Running Club, so I even got to see a glimpse of Mickey! I definitely didn’t run fast and finished at 24:36, but it was another successful run in my books.