5/27/2024 Mike Williams, Josh Keane, Terri Bednar, Gretchen Snyder, Laura Fairfax, Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford, Lisa Keane, Brittany Kiehl George McFall, Josh Keane, Kevin Christensen, Kristi Quesenberry Gunyula, Lisa Keane, Mike Williams, Russ Neubert, Scott Orlando, Stephanie Orkwick, And Veronica Nuebert The Tallmadge Memorial Day 5K Tallmadge, Ohio


Tallmadge Memorial Day 5K

Tallmadge, Ohio

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  25:38

Overall Place:  47th Place / 158

Division Place:  3rd Place 7

Josh Keane

Finish Time:  26:18

Overall Place:  52nd Place / 158

Division Place:  2nd Place / 6

Terri Bednar

Finish Time:  27:58

Overall Place:  69th Place / 158

Division Place: 1st Place / 7

Gretchen Snyder

Finish Time:  27:59

Overall Place:  70th Place / 158

Division Place:  3rd Place / 15

Laura Fairfax

Finish Time: 28:06

Overall Place:  71st Place / 158

Division Place:  3rd Place / 9

Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford

Finish Time:  30:31

Overall Place:  93rd Place / 158

Division Place:  1st Place / 6

Lisa Keane

Finish Time:  35:22

Overall Place:  123rd Place / 158

Division Place:  4th Place / 16

Brittany Kiehl

Finish Time:  40:07

Overall Place:  138th Place / 158

Division Place:  9th Place / 13


George McFall

Josh Keane

Kevin Christensen

Kristi Quesenberry Gunyula

Lisa Keane

Mike Williams

Russ Neubert

Scott Orlando

Stephanie Orwick

Veronica Neubert

Race Recap By Lisa Keane:

I am so proud to be part of Team ER! We showed up in numbers today to volunteer, lift each other up, and take on this tough course!
I had fun learning a new skill and meeting runners while volunteering during registration and couldn’t wait to get out there to run my 1st race since my surgery! Definitely not a PR but it went better than expected and I was one happy runner! A great course but also tough with lots of rolling hills and a few big ones too!
Congratulations to all who placed – so many Team ER awards today! Happy Memorial Day!

Race Recap By Josh Keane:

What a fun filled finish to the Memorial Day weekend. The Tallmadge Memorial Day 5K was a challenging 5k to stretch my legs after Saturdays trail 50K race. I was blessed and overjoyed to pull out 2nd in my age group and 52nd overall. What an awesome group of people we have in Team ER! Volunteering before the race, running the race, and then cheering on other runners finishing. Great team, great race, great day. Congrats to everyone who placed and everyone who gave it their all today.

Race Recap By George McFall:

This morning I volunteered at the Tallmadge Memorial Day 5K race. This isn’t the first time I have done this nor is it the first time I left feeling so I inspired. It was great seeing the young, the old , the walkers, the runners, the walk/joggers, Mom’s pushing strollers and all of you. I am inspired by you.  You made a decision to sign up for a race.  You mentally and physically prepared for this day. You showed up on race day to do your very best, whatever that means to you. Nobody else. You have your why. I came home, fueled up, laced up and got in a 6 mile run. I post my runs on social media for accountability; not to brag / show off. I share the good and bad parts of my training and races. And in some small way, I hope to inspire others to be active. To believe that you are more than capable. Keep on doing what makes you happy. Share the ups and downs. We are human. Support others. Say thank you to race volunteers like so many did today.

Race Review By Terri Bednar:

This was a fun race! Easy to get to, parking was a breeze, and the course was as relatively flat except for one long hill that kept it interesting. I didn’t love getting out of bed today but I’m glad I did. I will do this race again. Glad the rain held off too. Got a nice trophy for winning my age group!

Race Recap By Scott Orlando:

The Tallmadge Memorial Day 5K is an annual event going back 31 years.  This year my experience was a little different than in years past because I was unable to run due to severe plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  My injury did not however prevent me from participating in the race.  Luckily my foot was recovered enough that I was able to a lead bike escort with a fellow Team ER member.  This was my first time leading a race by bike.  I got a little nervous when I arrived and found out that there would not be a police vehicle in front of us.  I was afraid of two things.  The first was that some of the runners would be faster than I would be on my bike and the other was that we would lead the runners off course.  Fortunately neither of the scenarios happened.  The course was well marked with plenty of volunteers and signs along the way.  I really enjoyed being able to participate in the race without actually running while at the same time getting a little bit of exercise and rehab done on my foot.

The race as always was well organized by Josh Ritchie and Mickey Rzymek.  Weather conditions were very humid with some strong wind gusts and temperatures in the mid 60’s.  Rain was forecasted but thankfully it stayed away.  Participants received nice t-shirts.  There were lots of awards for overall and age group winners.  Post race snacks included a variety of small bags of chips and bananas.  Team ER members walked away with 6 awards which was awesome.

I was extremely proud of Team ER at this race.  In part for the 8 members that competed but more so for the 10 members that volunteered.  Team ER members helped at early packet pick up the night before the race, day of race packet pick up, course set up, race site set up, the mid point water station, as lead bike escorts, with the finish line water station, and we even had a member on crutches recovering from hip surgery stand in the road and course marshal.  It was so awesome to see so many team members support this race and give back to the local running community.







5/27/2024 Nancy Wardell The Norma Johnson Center Follow The Flock 5K Trail Race Dover, Ohio


The Norma Johnson Center Follow The Flock 5K Trail Race

Dover, Ohio

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  38:16

Overall Place:  23rd Place / 61

Division Place:  2nd Place

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

I ran the Norma Johnson Center Follow the Flock 5k Trail Run this morning in Dover, Ohio and boy oh boy was it a challenge! There were so many hills and twists and turns and roots, but it was so beautiful out there at the nature center that I just can’t complain!  I absolutely loved the challenge of this run! It had a nice award ceremony afterwards with free giveaways and they even had vendors and food trucks set up where the runners got a $5 off coupon off one location of choice! I went for the pizza, which was phenomenal! I finished the race at a slow overall time of 38:16 and pace of 12:19, but earned second in my age group , which I was truly thankful for!

5/26/2024 Renee Buckus, Kevin Christensen, Peter Heroux, Christine Churpek, And Stephanie Orwick FU5K Cancer Run Kent, Ohio


FU5K Cancer Run 5K

Kent, Ohio

Renee Buckus

Finish Time:  36:29

Overall Place:  68th Place / 144

Division Place:  8th Place / 15

Kevin Christensen

Finish Time:  56:17

Overall Place:  111th Place / 144

Division Place:  12th Place / 13

Peter Heroux

Finish Time:  56:19

Overall Place 112th Place / 144

Division Place:  16th Place / 17

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  56:22

Overall Place:  113th Place / 144

Division Place:  14th Place 17


Stephanie Orwick assisted with packet pickup

5/25/2024 Josh Keane, Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford, Brittany Keane, And Lisa Keane. The Fools Trail Race Peninsula, Ohio


The Fools Trail Race

Peninsula, Ohio

50K Trail Race

Josh Keane

Finish Time:  7:15:28

Overall Place:  24th Place / 39

Division Place:  3rd Place / 4

25K Trail Race

Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford

Finish Time:  3:34:30

Overall Place:  81st Place ? 114

Division Place:  4th Place / 8


Brittany Kiehl
Lisa Keane

Race Recap By Josh Keane:

What a tough day at the Fools Trail Race today! Started out a little too fast and ran out of gas towards the end of the race but still managed to take 3rd in my age group and 24th overall in the 50k! It was great to see Team ER represented so well today at the race!

5/25/2024 Kris Engstrom The Medina Half Marathon Medina, Ohio


The Medina Half Marathon

Medina, Ohio

Kris Engstrom

Finish Time:  2:03:39

Overall Place:  207th Place / 570

Division Place:  16th Place / 31

Race Recap By Kris Engstrom:

I ran the Medina Half Marathon today. Weather was good but got warm at the end. My last three miles were slow. I finished in 2:03:39. I thought this was one of the nicer half courses. Went through some nice neighborhoods, up around a lake, and a trail. Spectators were great. The sprinklers they put out were much appreciated. I plan on doing this one again.

5/18/2024 and 5/19/2024 George McFall, Brittany Kiehl, And Christine Churpek The Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon, And 10K Cleveland, Ohio

5/18/2024 and 5/19/2024

The Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon, And 10K

Cleveland, Ohio

Full Marathon

George McFall

Finish Time:  3:45:12

Overall Place:  323rd Place / 1131

Division Place:  11th Place / 42

Half Marathon

Brittany Kiehl

Finish Time:  3:04:03

Overall Place:  3364th Place / 3645

Division Place:  300th Place / 324


Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  48:22

Overall Place:  72nd Place / 1030

Division Place:  3rd Place / 70

Brittany Kiehl:

Finish Time:  1:24:55

Overall Place:  857th Place / 1030

Division Place:  68th Place / 82

Brittany Kiehl earned the Cleveland Marathon Challenge Series Medal by completing both the 10K and Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday.

Race Recap By George McFall:

I didn’t share it on social media or tell my friends. Sometimes we lose sight of why we do what we do. Is it for us or to satisfy others? I wanted to do this race for me. I ran the Glass City Marathon 3 weeks ago and was feeling really good so I wanted to go after that BQ again. And no matter what happened out there today, I would be OK with the outcome. And guess what, I am. I crossed the finish line in 3:45:12. Well off where I needed be. I’ll spare you the details. The Cleveland Marathon was my 1st marathon back in 2010 and today, when I crossed the finish line, it became my 24th overall marathon. I love the marathon distance. I keep coming back to it. There will be good days and bad days. It’s about showing up everyday, putting in the work and giving it everything you have on race day.

5/18/2024 Kris Engstrom And Nancy Wardell The Great Guernsey Trail 10K Cambridge, Ohio


The Great Guernsey Trail 10K

Cambridge, Ohio

Kris Engstrom

Finish Time:  52:12

Overall Place:  2nd Place / 25

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  1:05:43

Overall Place:  15th Place / 25

Division Place:  3rd Place / 6

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

I had fun running at the Great Guernsey 10k Trail race in Cambridge this morning! Weather was pretty good, but slightly humid. Trails were beautiful with a simple out and back run. I finished at 1:05:43 with a pace of 10:36 and finished 3rd in my age group! Congratulations to fellow Teammate Kris Engstrom who finished 2nd male overall! He crushed it today! They had a great award ceremony afterwards too with hot dogs, hamburgers, bananas, potato chips, granola bars, Gatorade, and more!

Race Recap By Kris Engstrom:

I decided last night to run the Guernsey County Spring 10k this morning. Ended up getting 2nd overall in the 10k with a time of 52:17. This is a well run event with lots of food. The trail is in great shape with shade on most of it. Look forward to running it again next year.


5/11/2024 Josh Keane And Lisa Keane Running With My Gnomies Trail Race Dover, Ohio


Running With My Gnomies Trail Race

Dover, Ohio

9ish Mile Trail Race

Josh Keane

Finish Time:  2:12:12

Overall Place:  12th Place / NA

Division Place:  N/A

Lisa Keane still being on IR was at the race volunteering to help with packet pick up.

Race Recap By Josh Keane:

Running with my Gnomies, like always, did not disappoint! Race Brimstone did an outstanding job. I would highly encourage anyone that wants to run a fun, challenging trail run to head down to Tuscarawas county next year for this one. My run was perfect training and a blast. I finished the Gnomie 9ish 12th overall and I placed 1st or 2nd in my age group (not posted yet…) hence the hand made gnomie award!