10/14/2018 Matt Addessi Akron Gran Fondo Akron, Ohio


Akron Gran Fondo

75 Mile Bike Ride

Akron, Ohio

Matt Addessi

Race Recap by Matt Addessi

I completed the 75 mile Akron Gran Fondo on Sunday. A challenging course with about 5000 ft of elevation gain. I made it with the lead group and hung on until the end, not that this was a race but it was a very friendly and competitive group. I would say it was more of a drop group ride. We started with about 10 in the lead pack and finished with 3 averaging a little over 18 mph. I needed to make a mechanical stop at mile 62 and thankfully Jimmy Ruggles from Eddy’s Bike Shop was there to help me out! The support on this event was phenomenal, the police were awesome with about a 10 mile lead out through Akron! Jimmy Ruggles and Eddy’s Bike Shop were at every aid station ready to help and dial your bike back in. Fully stocked aid stations, easy to follow course markings, and an awesome and challenging course. Overall, really cool event with a great vibe.