3/17/2024 Mike Williams, Stephanie Orwick, Roy Miller, Josh Keane, Terri Bednar, Gretchen Snyder, and Lisa Keane The Shamrock 15K and 5K Peninsula, Ohio


The Shamrock 15K and 5K

Peninsula, Ohio


Mike Williams

Finish Time:  1:31:03

Overall Place:  66th Place / 100

Division Place:  4th Place / 5

Stephanie Orwick

Finish Time:  1:35:47

Overall Place:  83rd Place / 100

Division Place:  4th Place / 6


Roy Miller

Finish Time:  23:29

Overall Place:  16th Place / 232

Division Place:  1st Place / 14

Josh Keane

Finish Time:  25:47

Overall Place:  32nd Place / 232

Division Place:  4th Place / 14

Terri Bednar

Finish Time:  26:33

Overall Place:  46th Place / 232

Division Place:  1st Place / 16

Gretchen Snyder

Finish Time:  27:01

Overall Place:  54th Place / 232

Division Place:  1st Place / 10

Team ER race volunteers included Josh Keane, Lisa Keane, Stephanie Orwick, and Mike Williams.

Race Recap By Roy Miller:

I hadn’t done a 5K yet this year and figured I would give this one a shot. Great to see so many other Team ER members there. We lined up for the course and as Mickey started counting down the last 10 seconds before the start mother nature played a fun trick on us and it began to snow! Of course I was in shorts and our new green short sleeve shirt. A nice out and back course with several turns. I was trying to stay as consistent as I could without going out too fast. Made the turnaround and felt pretty good still. I climbed the last little hill and tried to push to the line. I finished 16th overall and 1st in my age group. 23:29 official time. I was alright with that but know I have some training to do as I have the goal of getting back to a 20:00 5K this year. I will be back next year for sure!

3/16/2024 Veronica Neubert, Steve Zenar, Mike Williams, Nancy Wardell, Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford St. Malachi Church Run Cleveland, Ohio


St. Malachi Church Run

5 Mile Race

Cleveland, Ohio

Veronica Neubert

Finish Time:  38:04

Overall Place:  186th Place / 1203

Division Place:  5th Place / 64

Steve Zenar

Finish Time:  41:47

Overall Place:  357th Place / 1203

Division Place:  29th Place / 72

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  41:53

Overall Place:  362nd Place / 1203

Division Place:  18th Place / 66

Nancy Wardell

Finish Time:  46:36

Overall Place:  605th Place / 1203

Division Place:  27th Place / 73

Cleopatra Sirnic Clifford

Finish Time:  49:37

Overall Place:  734th Place / 1203

Division Place:  21st Place / 72

Race Recap By Nancy Wardell:

Great morning for a long drive and run in Cleveland today at the St Malachi Church Run! I finished my 5 miles with a 9:20 pace and overall time of 46:36!

This race was a very flat course except for one incline at the end. All turns we’re marked very clearly and tons of food at the end!!! Can even donate canned food for the churches food drive to help those in need and volunteers were awesome!

Congratulations to my other teammates who were out there too.  Thanks for warming up with me Cleopatra Sirnic and enjoying the experience!

Race Recap By Steve Zenar:

I had a wonderful time running the 45th Annual St. Malachi Church Run/Walk! The 5 mile race was very well organized and was absolutely packed with runners today which was no surprise due to the awesome weather. This was my first time running this race and I really enjoyed the scenic course passing through downtown Cleveland. I also enjoyed the free beer to wrap up the morning . It was great seeing some Team-ER team members at the race.

3/16/2024 Christine Churpek Get Luck 25K Canal Fulton, Ohio


Get Lucky 25K

Canal Fulton, Ohio

Christine Churpek

Finish Time:  2:12:34

Overall Place:  8th Place / 46

Division Place:  2nd Place Overall Female

Race Recap By Christine Churpek:

I ran the Get Lucky 50/50 25K this morning and placed 2nd Overall Female (I don’t think there were very many 25K participants, but I’ll take it)! Beautiful course with a chilly start. This race was tough for me, and paces that were once easy for me are not anymore. I know if I stay consistent with my training, I will chip away at my time and get back to where I was 2 years ago!

3/2/2024 Mike Williams, Roy Miller, Scott Orlando, And Mike Pastva The Road Apple Roubaix Garrettsville, Ohio


The Road Apple Roubaix

Garrettsville, Ohio

50 Mile Bike Course

Mike Williams

Finish Time:  3:55:20

Overall Place:  239th Place / 321

Roy Miller

Finish Time:  3:57:55

Overall Place:  248th Place / 321

25 Mile Bike Course

Scott Orlando

Finish Time:  2:20:38

Overall Place:  133rd Place / 201

Mike Pastva

Finish Time:  2:28:58

Overall Place:  148th Place / 201

Bike Ride Recap By Mike Pastva:

I had so much fun at the Road Apple Roubaix . This was my first official Fondo and I didn’t know what to expect. I did the 26 miler since I really haven’t done any real quality cardio training and it was a challenge. My bike performed flawlessly on all of the terrains this course offered.  I did this Fondo with a few members from my team and it was a spur of the moment decision. Mike Williams, thank you for everything, conversation, gloves and comradery, I look forward to another ride.  Scott Orlando, thank you for the fun along the ride, great conversation and being an awesome team leader. You are the best !  Roy Miller. thanks for some fun conversation. Nice seeing you.  Jimmy Ruggles, Thanks for the beer shortly after Heckler hill. What was I thinking? But it was a free beer.  A big thanks to Eddy’s Bike Shop and Slim & Jumbo’s for the hospitality and all the volunteers.  Thank you to Eddy’s Bike Shop and all of our sponsors.
I really like My SPI belt. I wore 3 for this event and didn’t even know I had them on.

Bike Ride Recap By Scott Orlando:

I was definitely out of my comfort zone at the 10th Annual Road Apple Roubaix in Garrettsville, Ohio.  This was my first time on a gravel bike and first time participating in this event which ended up being quite an adventure. The Road Apple Roubaix offers a longer course of 50 miles and a shorter course of somewhere between 25 and 27 miles depending on who you ask and what course description you read.  I went with the shorter course being that this was my first gravel bike experience.  Favorable weather predictions made for a huge event turnout with organizers closing registration with a sell out of 600 riders.  Surprisingly to most of us the ride day weather was far from what was predicted with cooler than advertised temperatures, cloudy overcast skies, and periods of precipitation.   The event is advertised as a fondo but for many gravel grinders it is very much a race.  When you provide chip timing, and awards for the overall fastest riders along with awards for four Strava challenge sections of the course it becomes a race.  I personally had no interest in racing or completing the course for speed.  The field of riders was made up of all ability levels from beginners out for some recreation to highly skilled and incredibly fast racers.  Bikes styles ranged from gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and fat tire bikes.  Road bikes are one of the few types of bikes not suitable for the terrain of this event.

The 26 mile course challenged me with massive hills, mud, and constantly changing riding surfaces. I saw some beautiful scenery through the mud, precipitation, and fog of my riding glasses. I did see some road apples and an Amish cart being pulled by two magnificent clydesdale horses.  I found the first 10-12 miles to be fairly easy riding.  The back half of the course was a different story.  It was filled with some very steep hills and a long stretch of trail that was a mixture of clay and mud which was slick and difficult to pedal through.   The wind and precipitation kicked up in the second half of the ride making things even more challenging.  I finished in 2:20:38 just in time to see the top riders race through the finish of the 50 mile course.  They were all completely covered in mud.  So much so that you could not distinguish one rider from another.

Being my first gravel bike experience I learned a few things.  First I probably need to train harder and put more miles on a bike to take on the steep hills.  Second I would probably invest in some lightweight fenders to help reduce the mud splatter.  Third I would probably invest in some weatherproof shoe covers to protect my feet from the wet cold conditions.  Fourth Strava Challenge Area signs mean get ready for some tough riding ahead!.   Finally that gravel grinders are nuts!  The bigger the hills, the worse the riding conditions, and the more mud the happier they are!

Participants received rock music inspired t-shirts and pint glasses plus a free craft beer and chili.  A gravel bike was raffled off along with additional prizes with the purchase of tickets.  I was the lucky winner of a Road Apple Roubaix beanie.

Thank you to Mike Pastva who pointed out that the mud covering our faces most likely was full of road apple debris.
Congratulations to my fellow Team-ER Road Apple Warriors Mike Pastva who completed the 26 mile course and to Mike Williams and Roy Miller who amazingly completed the 50 mile course.  Thank you to Eddy’s Bike Shop, the event sponsors, and volunteers that made the ride possible.

Ride Recap By Roy Miller:

This was my first gravel race. Hopefully not my last. I made a mistake of taking on the 50 mile course on a 26″ mountain bike. Not having a gravel bike I thought about dropping to the 25 mile course but then again I am not one to always make the right decision. I really enjoyed the course for about the first 30 miles and then realized I was probably in last place overall. I found a fellow rider who made the time more enjoyable. We got to talking and apparently missed a turn! That put us off course by a few miles. I hit the rest area and told him to go off on his own and I would just enjoy the rest of it on my own. I must have started talking to myself too much because I missed the last turn onto a gravel section and somehow ended up crossing the finish line from the wrong side! I will definitely tackle this one again. Next time with a gravel bike and maybe the short course.