2/9/2019 Gretchen Snyder, Mike Williams, Scott Orlando, and Christine Churpek. Frostbite 5K Prediction Race Munroe Falls, Ohio


Frostbite 5K Prediction Race

Munroe Falls, OH

Scott Orlando

Predicted Time:  23:55

Actual Time:  23:57

Overall Place:  2nd Place

Christine Churpek

Predicted Time:  25:57

Actual Time:  25:54

Overall Place:  4th Place

Mike Williams

Predicted Time:  25:30

Actual Time:  24:38

Overall Place:  51st

Gretchen Snyder

Predicted Time:  24:15

Actual Time: 25:14

Overall Place:  58th

Race Review By Scott Orlando

Once again the Frostbite 5K Prediction Race lived up to its name!  About 150 dedicated runners braved the cold temps that were in single digits (with wind chill) to test their skills at pacing and predicting their finish times.  Team ER had a great showing with 4 runners competing.  Christine Churpek made her Team ER race debut with style and enthusiasm finishing 4th overall just 3 seconds off of her predicted time.  I finished 2nd overall just 2 seconds off of my predicted time.  For me this is always a fun and unusual race.  Because most runner including myself tend to choose a predicted race time much slower then their normal 5K race pace, the run feels more like a big group tempo run rather then a race.  I personally had to keep telling myself to slow down in order to meet my prediction.  Terry Fox and Summit Athletic Running Club have this event dialed in and Josh at Ritchie’s Sporting Goods had the results in record time.  Everything was very well organized and planned.  A huge thank you to the volunteers that stood in the cold to help.