10/7/2017 Scott Run Now Wine Later 4.5 Mile Run Canton Ohio

Scott Orlando


Run Now Wine Later 4.5 Mile Run

Gervasi Vineyard Canton, Ohio

12th overall

6th male

1st in age group

Finish time:  34:00

Another great race by the fine people at Run Canton.  This year’s race doubled in size from last year with over 1100 registered and sold out fast.  This was my first real race back from calf injury and my goal was to just finish with no re-injury and average around an 8:00 minute mile.  The race conditions were perfect in the low 60’s with a very slight breeze.  I was shocked early in the race to find myself in the lead pack with such a large field.  I wasn’t really focused on pace or speed as I was just happy to be running again.  My first mile was faster than I had thought it would be around 7:18.  I slowed down a little in the second mile which had some rolling hills and then picked up my pace for the last third of the race.  I was surprised that I averaged 7:33 mile pace and finished 1st in my age group for the second year in a row.  As always with a Run Canton event, racers received great race swag and custom finisher medals.  The real draw to this race remains Gervasi and the wine!  Register early next year if you want to get in on this great race as I am sure it will sell out fast!

Dan and Scott Maize Valley Beer Run 5K

Maize Valley 5K Beer Run

Hartville, OH

October October 1, 2017

Dan Deckler

Finish time:  37:31

44th overall

Scott Orlando

Finish time: 23:39

6th overall

This was the first year for Maize Valley to offer the 5K Beer Run.  I have to say from the start this was one of the most enjoyable running events I have done in a long time.  The weather was perfect and Maize Valley is a special place with unique things to do and see around every corner.  The true cross country course took runners in heats on grass trails through vineyards, pine tree farms, a corn maze, and a small wooded area before looping back around to the finish.  The course isn’t fast especially when weaving up and down the rows in the vineyard and pine tree farm but not many races can provide the views, terrain, and experience that Maize Valley does.  Finishers were greeted with big smiles, custom medals, and Maize Valley craft beer.  All participants received embroidered Maize Valley Brewery quarter zip tech pullovers.  For a first time race Maize Valley did an amazing job.  I look forward to doing this one again next year!

Scott Orlando & Stephanie Groseclose Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon Hinckley, OH

Ledges To The Lake Adventure Triathlon

September 16th,2017

Hinckley, OH

2nd place relay team

Finish time 1:15:35

This was the 4th time competing in this race but the first time as a relay.  Stephanie completed the 3.5 mile run leg and I completed the 3K kayak and 15K bike legs.  Stephanie had a great run and was the fastest female runner on the course.  She was just steps behind a small group of the top male runners as she made her way to the boat house for kayak leg transition.  The first place relay team runner was the fastest runner on the course giving his team a huge 6 minute lead.  I made up 3-4 minutes on the leading relay team with a strong kayak leg using my Stellar SR Multisport Surf Ski.  This was probably my fastest time in the new boat so far.  I was able to make up a little more time on the 3 lap 15K bike course but we came up just a little short.  The first place team beat us by just under 1 minute.  Our finish time was the 5th overall fastest finish time in the race field.  The weather was perfect for the race and Cleveland Metro Parks did a very nice job organizing and hosting the race.

Scott….Grand River Canoe/Kayak

United States Canoe and Kayak Association Ohio State Championships

July 29th

Grand River Landing Fairport Harbor, Ohio

Race Result: 2nd place in 6 mile race unlimited class

This was my first time competing in the Ohio State Canoe and Kayak Championships held at the Grand River Landing in Fairport Harbor. Two races were offered at the championships. A 6 mile shorter race and a 10 mile long race. Canoe and Kayak races are divided into many classes based on the size and style of boats being raced. Everyone in the specific race competes at the same time on the same course but are really only racing against other boats in their class. Recreational, standard, and racing boat divisions in several size boat classes were all offered at the championships. When I arrived at the race I was still debating what class and boat to use for the race. Because of the extremely windy conditions I decided to race in the 6 mile unlimited class using my Stellar SR Multisport. This is a 19’2″ long surf ski that I felt would track better and cut through the wind if I could keep it upright. My other option was to use my Stellar S16 Advantage, a 16′ kayak, and compete in the long boat division. Had I used the Stellar S16, I would have been the smallest boat in the long boat division filled with some very fast racers all of which had 18′ racing boats. Using the Stellar SR and competing in the unlimited class seemed like the right choice. The weather conditions were less than ideal for the river course. The high winds made the up river portions of the course difficult and even treacherous at times. The course finished a little shorter than 6 miles but I was fine with that and beat from fighting the wind and upstream currents. In the end, racing the Stellar SR paid off as I finished 2nd behind a strong kayaker who has won the event several times. The race was well organized and a lot of fun.

Scott….Fairport Harbor Tri

Lighthouse Triathlon

Fairport Harbor

July 16th.

Finish Time: 1:25:58

Result: 2nd Place Kayak Team Relay

The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Triathlon is one of my favorite races of the year. The kayak triathlon consists of a 2K kayak, 20K bike and 5K run. This race always has excellent participation due to the number of divisions, participant friendly course, and of course how well organized the race is by Lake Metro Parks. The race conditions were nearly ideal with calm flat waters for the swim or kayak leg, mild temperatures that did gradually warm up, and a brisk wind off of the lake. This year I competed in the relay due to an on going calf injury preventing me from running. I completed the kayak and bike leg as local triathlete Stephanie Groseclose completed the run leg for me. I started out slow as I am still learning to paddle my Stellar SR Surfski but quickly made up ground and was the second kayak to reach the beach. The bike course is fast and flat with some beautiful views of Lake Erie. There was some headwind to deal with on the back stretch but nothing too bad. Stephanie completed the race with a strong 5K finish. Overall it was a great day of racing and I look forward to competing again next year!

SCOTT ORLANDO……Great Adventure Tri

Great Island Adventure Triathlon

Lock Haven PA

July 1st, 2017


2nd overall relay team

This was my fourth time competing in the Great Island Adventure Triathlon but the first time as a relay. I completed the 5K kayak leg and the 14 mile bike leg while the race director’s 11 year old son completed the run leg for me. The kayak leg is an out and back course around the Great Island on the Susquehanna River. This was only my second race competing in a surf ski. I had a slow conservative start which put me a little behind but as I gained confidence I picked up speed and made up time. I was 4 minutes slower than last year’s kayak split but that was to be expected as I learn to paddle the new surf ski which will be much faster than my 16′ kayak once I learn to paddle it a little better. The bike course is a double loop of 7 miles. There are some rolling hills in the first 3 miles but then the course flattens out. On my second loop I missed a turn and ended up off course. The turn was not marked at all and a lot of racers made the same mistake. I was told later a police officer was scheduled to be stationed at the intersection but did not show up or left. I added a full extra mile to my bike leg with the missed turn. My relay partner finished the race with a 24 minute 5K. Pretty good for an 11 year old. Because he is a minor I will not mention his name but he did a great job. All participants received long sleeve tri blend shirts and finisher pint glasses. Last year’s race raised over $8,000 for local charities and I am sure this year it was the same if not more. The race can be completed as a standard swim triathlon, kayak, or paddle board race. They even have shorter kids events the night before the main races. The race is about 4 hours from the Akron Ohio area but certainly worth the drive. I plan to return next year and hopefully once again compete in the solo division.