12/2/2023 Ken Frankenbery Brooksville Hilly 100 Bike Ride Brooksville, Florida


Brooksville Hilly 100 Bike Ride

Brooksville, Florida

Ken Frankenbery

Finish Time:  N/A

Bike Ride Recap By Ken Frankenbery:

This was my 4th year doing this event, but this year was very unique.
Shortly after last year’s Hilly 100, I tore my left hamstring. So, on March 22nd I had surgery. My goal after surgery-was to get back in shape to make the 2023 Hilly 100. I knew the time line was tight.  The doctor said no heavy exercise for 6 months (Ok I started earlier), but riding & getting strength back in my leg took much longer than I anticipated. I was riding well on flats.  I found I could compensate with my “good leg”, but hills showed there was no rushing getting muscle strength back.

Training was going well-but I had race days nerve’s wondering how my leg would hold up for 100 miles & over 4700 feet of elevation. Weather was warmer than usual with temps in the mid 80’s with high humidity.

I had this ride on my calendar since last year but I screwed up on start time, and showed up a hour late. Nothing I could do but ride it alone. Riding in a group (drafting) is a huge advantage, but the biggest issue riding late meant the police escort was gone, and I was riding solo on some busy roads which was scary stuff. Plus starting later meant being in the heat of the day.  This ride was one of hardest I have done and it was brutal.  My time was much slower than last year, but hard to compare riding solo. I am just glad my hamstring held up and I finished.

This ride is a fundraiser for a local charity.  The course was well-marked and well organized by Crank Works bike shop. Mark and Pat the owners do a great job organizing event even marking roads by hand.