8/17/2020 Team ER Burpee Challenge


Team ER Burpee Challenge

This week’s Team ER challenge featured one of the most effective and also often avoided exercises, the Burpee!
The Rules:

Complete no less then 30 total burpees by the end of the week

Team ER members received 5 team points for completing the challenge and another 5 points for posting a picture.

Team ER members that completed 50 burpees for the week and earned 3 bonus points,

Team ER members that completed 100 burpees or more and earned 5 extra bonus points!

Every Team ER member that completed the challenge was entered into a drawing to win a Team ER Face Mask plus Carb Boom Energy Gel!

50 burpees completed earned 1 extra entry into the prize drawing while 100 or more burpees completed earned 3 extra entries into the prize drawing!

Team ER Members Completing The Challenge:

Asad Kahn (30 Burpees)

Scott Orlando (50 Burpees)

Gretchen Snyder (50 Burpees)

Mike Williams (30 Burpees)

The winner of the prize drawing was Asad Kahn.